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this was purchased by me.

I've had good experiences with First Aid Beauty products in the past (I've reviewed some on here) and I like how the brand makes things gentle, fragrance-free, and suitable for sensitive skin types, I wanted to try a complete FAB regime without spending too much money and this seemed like a good deal. I bought a FAB Faves To Go kit for my mom a while ago and she seemed to like it so I decided to pick up one for myself. This stayed tucked away for a while until I went on my trip. Having used all the products in this kit together, as well as finishing some two of them, I'd like to share my thoughts on them with you.

When I bought these the first two times they still retailed for $28. The price has since increased to $30 and includes a 2 oz/56.7 g face cleanser, 28 facial radiance pads, and a 2 oz/56.7 g tube of cream. This is still a great value because if you were to purchase all of the items separately the price would be $47.
On the Sephora page that sells this set, it describes it as

"Cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate with this three-piece kit of FAB essentials in easy-to-tote sizes. The cleanser gently removes surface oils, makeup, and grime with a whipped texture that transforms into a luxurious cream when blended with water. The face pads contain lactic and glycolic acids for safe and effective daily renewal treatment that imparts radiant, glowing skin. The repair cream is a super-emollient formula with a spectacular whipped, non-greasy texture that treats severely dry skin—whatever the cause. It's formulated with colloidal oatmeal, the only FDA-approved, over-the-counter ingredient for treating the symptoms of eczema."

Sounds like something my skin would like. Here are the ingredients for each component of the set:

After using the three products in this set daily, I found that it lasts about one month. To compare how this works on the skin, here is a picture of the back of my hand before using anything from FAB Faves To Go.

My skin looks a little dull and dehydrated. To test how well the cleanser performs at removing make-up, I applied some BB cream, powder, and eyeliners on my hand.

I put some cleanser on the back of my hand, added a little water, and worked it into a lather.

not very pretty....

The cleanser is white-colored and almost cushiony in texture. There isn't a fragrance listed in the ingredients, but it has a very subtle scent, something I don't quite know how to describe (it's a slightly clean and almost like fragrance-free lotion). It's not bothersome and applied I never noticed it. The lather itself is very creamy. If you add more water while washing your face it tends to get a little more foamy. Here's what my hand looked like after I rinsed off the cleanser.


All the make-up has been removed and my skin feels hydrated as opposed to feeling dried out. Next I used the Facial Radiance Pads.

I like to cut them in half because you'll have twice as many pads to use. Even when cut in half, the pads are saturated enough to cover the whole face twice (using both sides of the pad). Here's what my skin looked like after I had gone over it with FAB's radiance pad:

This product is recommended by Caroline Hirons (who I've been following in the blog world some time now) as a toner to gently exfoliate the skin and prepare it for whatever you put on after. The skin on my had definitely looks brighter and it feels smoother. This too is fragrance-free, but there is a light scent of something...I don't know how to describe it. Anyway, once on the skin there is no scent. It is fairly gentle and only stings when applied if you use it over an open wound (like a scratch, very dry & cracked skin, or a popped pimple...).
Lastly, I applied the Ultra Repair Cream. You can find my original review here.

This is a cream I often come back to because it's fragrance-free, hydrating, and sooting. It goes on smoothly and never irritates my skin. I like the 2 oz size because it's more hygienic in terms of packaging and it's easy to travel with. Here is what my hand looked like before and after using these FAB products together. My skin is brighter and it looks smoother. My skin also felt softer and moisturized.

I like this kit for traveling and also because you can test out three popular First Aid Beauty products at a reasonable price. I'll probably pick another one up soon to use on future trips.

face cleanser
.removes make-up
.good travel size
.one tube lasts a while
facial radiance pads
.gentle (except on broken skin)
.good for travel & carry-on use
ultra repair cream
.hygienic packaging
.one tube lasts a long time
.soothes skin

.when used together daily, this set lasts about one month
.a little expensive for smaller sized products

bright young person loves it

this much.

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