Thursday, January 18, 2018

/Skin/ CosRx Low pH Good Morning Cleanser

this was purchased by me

A few months ago, my skin was seriously dry. It was irritated and flaky; not good for all. So I went on a skin saving quest at my local Olive Young trying to find items that would ail my misery. After reading the description of this cleanser, I decided to give it a go because it's slightly more acidic and won't make skin feel tight after a wash. Let's take a closer look.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

/Essentials/ January Skincare

Hello! This is a new topic for my blog, showcasing current skincare favorites for the month and writing briefly about why these are so gotdang good.

purchased by me/gifted by people i know

In the post today, I'll be featuring treatments & moisturizers that have been helping me though this dry, cold winter in Korea.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

/Skin/ Etude House Pure Genie Jelly Multi Balm

this was purchased as a gift for me.

This is a recently launched product from Etude House. I found it near the register as other things were being paid for and the cashier recommended I try it. The multi balm is supposed to be used "anytime, anywhere, as needed! Skin-soothing omnipotent balm provides moisture and nourishment." That's something I definitely need during these dry winter months.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

/Announcement/ 2018

It is another year.


I'm a little worried and excited about it. So far, it's been going well. There will be many changes to my life (again) and I need to be planning things. That's the stressful part. I think I do want to go back to school and learn, it's just not the best idea to do that in the U.S....Anyway, like most people I have some resolutions I'd like to stick to throughout the year. Instead of calling it "resolutions", the term is a little daunting, I'll make this my to do list. Just for this blog.

1.Weekly posting
I want to post at least once a week. That's basically what I aimed for in the early years of this blog.

2.More content
The majority of my posts are reviews. I think many beauty blogs are like that, people want to know if something works, if it's worth the time & money. I just want to add other kinds of posts (besides the announcement thing or sales or etc) revolving around make up and skincare. Maybe monthly essentials or brand focus (so down for a brand focus series)

3. Accessibility
I have a Facebook page. I now have a style tumblr. This is my twitter. I have a personal instagram, but I'm considering getting a separate one just for this blog. (Instagram still popular?) Need more outlets to reach/inspire others.

4. Be a conscious consumer
This blog really changed my view at the end of 2017. I used to be hardcore vegetarian 2008-2015, very eco-aware. That waned a bit, especially after moving to South Korea these past few years, but I need to get back into it. It's just better for us all and we can start little by little.

That's all for now. Those would be the most major improvements for this blog. I also want to blog more about personal stuff the way I used to, but that's another blog for another time. This is dedicated to pretty and the like.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

/Hair/ Hey Mix See:real Savory Almond & Brown Hair Color

this was purchased by me.

It's been a while since I colored my hair. I picked this up last weekend. My regular hair dye wasn't at the store I went to, but this was on sale and it seemed similar so I decided to try it. Was it any good?

Thursday, December 28, 2017

/Skin/ Innisfree The Minimum Ampoule Essence

this was purchased by me

It's interesting to see how my skin has changed throughout the years, especially since the start of this blog. From oily irritated skin to dry/dehydrated irritated skin, I've had to overhaul my skincare regimen. This is something I picked up when my skin was suuuuuupppper dry and flaky and in desperate need of help.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

/Holidays/ Christmas 2017


Christmas has passed. Mine was calm and minimal compared to past years. I spent it with my two fur babbies and my boyfriend. I did happen to get a surprise coat as a gift. I'm really happy about it because it's so versatile and classy.

messy background...

Got sone face masks & candy, too, which are perfect things to have when you're staying indoors during a cold vacay. Best thing so far has been the card my bf got me.

Hilarious & true.

More reviews coming before the new year!