Tuesday, August 18, 2015

/Lenses/ Neo Dali Sweet Chocolate Brown Circle Lenses

this was purchased by me.

Hello~ I'll be reviewing some circle lenses from Korea Big Eyes today. I actually bought these quite a while ago and have started using then recently (for a few months, actually). As I'm getting a little older (too true /o _ o\;;) and further establishing my career, I'm looking for lenses that are more natural to wear everyday. Are these Neo lenses good for the job? Let's check them out.

On Korea Big Eyes this sells for $18.90/pair of lenses. These have a diameter of 14.2mm for a slight enlargement of the eyes and a water content of 45% for comfortable wear. Here's some additional information from the lens bottle:

The Neo Dali lenses are good for up to one year (I prefer to retire my lenses after around six months of use) and I've been using mine for about four months. When I first received my package from Korea Big Eyes, I saw that one of the lenses seemed to have a small defect.

almost looks like nothing...

I wasn't sure if there was tear on the lens or the design was misprinted. I didn't open the bottles and contacted Korea Big Eyes immediately to address this issue. They were great to work with and sent me a replacement lens. Make sure to check your lenses before opening them so you can alert your seller about any problems and you won't have to deal with a torn lens.

Here are the ones I'm using now.

nothing wrong with these

The design on the Neo Dali Sweet Chocolate lenses has a pixilated brown ring with soft brown striations towards the center. Let's see how these look on the eyes. For comparison, here are my eyes without lenses on.

natural light

Here is what my eyes look like with the Neo lenses on.

natural light

The Sweet Chocolate Dali lenses make the eyes a little bigger; it's barely detectable. Here's what a my eyes look with flash.


Whenever I wear these it's difficult for me to tell if they do anything for my eyes. I could wear these without any make-up and it would natural. When I do wear make-up with the lenses, they make my eyes look bigger and stand out more. Neo lenses are thinner than other brands that I've tried and the Sweet Chocolate Dalis are comfortable to wear. Here's a complete look with these lenses.

natural light

I think these are very natural looking, it's so difficult to tell if they're on or not. Neo's Sweet Chocolate Brown lenses would be great for those just starting out with circle lenses and don't want to look too doll-eyed. These are also easy to wear for school or work. I'm interested in trying more of Neo's brown lenses and I plan to get these again in my prescription so I can wear them on days I don't want to wear glasses (or when I want to see better in general).

.comes in prescription powers up to -10
.wonderful customer service from Korea Big Eyes

.a little pricey
.takes 2-3 weeks for package to arrive in U.S.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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