Thursday, September 24, 2015

/Hair/ Mise En Scène Hello Bubble Foam Color in Choco Brown

this was purchased by me

It's been a long time since I last blogged...So sorry. I've been busy with adjusting and other things. I wanted to at least get a post in regarding my hair as I really needed to color it. I stopped by a beauty store the other day (there are so many here) and picked out this hair dye because it on sale and I wanted to try a foaming hair dye. Let's see how my hair turned out!

One box of this dye sells for 13,000₩, but I bought this when Watson's had a promotion for 50% off so I paid 6,500₩. You can also find this at a discounted price at eMart. It comes with developer, colorant, moisturizing ampoule, conditioner, instructions, gloves AND a cape(!). I was so happily surprised there was a cape included in the dying kit; I usually have to wear an old shirt or use another dirty cape to protect my skin and clothes.

Here is another part of the instructions that show what's included in the package. The color I chose was Choco Brown (6N) which is a medium, slightly warm brown. I wanted to go a little darker as it's already fall. Here's the color chart:

Mise en Scène recommends testing the dye on your skin at least two days before coloring, but I didn't do that because I was really pressed for time. I'm still alive's not necessary to test, but you should if you have the time and are trying this for the first time (like I should have).

please test 48 hours before

For reference, this is my hair before using this dye:

natural light/flash

My hair is quite red/orange in the flash picture and even my boyfriend commented on how it looked copper (!) in the sunlight. I put on the gloves and cape, mixed the colorant and developer gently (swishy, back-and forth motion; not furiously up & down), and started applying to my hair near the roots working down. The instructions are in Korean, but there are numerous pictures for each step so it's easy to follow along. You can check out the Mise En Scène to see the instructional pictures.
The dye dispenses as a foam and it had a purplish tint. It had a very pleasant scent, no hint of chemical smells at all, and it didn't irritate my skin or scalp. I was a little worried I might run out of bubble dye, but there was enough for my hair and even some left over. I put my hair under a shower cap and waited 30 minutes. This is what happened after I washed, conditioned, and dried my hair.

natural light/flash

I couldn't tell much of a difference in natural light, it does seem a little darker. The dye helped to tone down the orange in my hair so it looks more natural and even. It may not be so noticeable in the picture, but my roots aren't fully colored. I probably should have used more of the leftover dye on them. My hair felt soft after using the bubble foam and I'm quite happy with the results, though, and this was really easy to use compared to the liquid-y dyes I've used before.

.easy to apply
.pleasant scent
.non-irritating to skin
.comes with cape
.tones down brassiness
.sometimes on sale

.not easy to find & purchase outside of Korea
.regular price is kind of expensive
.doesn't change the color of very dark hair much
.instructions are in Korean
.not quite sure what the ingredients are...

bright young person loves it

this much.

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  1. Hey, nice review :) Anyway regarding this product, i made a subtitle on it's CF, although the packing is a lil different with other celebrities on it. I hope this makes your review better :)