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/Skin/ Korres Greek Yogurt 3-in-1 Cleansing, Toning and Eye Make-up Removing Emulsion

So I've been gone from review blogging and I'm trying to start off the year by getting my blog mojo back. It's taking a little longer than I expected. I knew Netflix was a time black-hole (is anyone else totally into F is for Family & Bojack Horseman?), but working and quitting and family visits and getting late night Skype interviews can also leave one physically drained to do anything. I still have to finish my final project to get my TEFL certification! Stress.
Anyway....let's get to what this post is about.

this was purchased by me

Ever since I got hooked on Caroline Hirons I've been picky with my cleansers, toners, serums moisturizers--my whole skincare routine. I decided to try this milky cream cleanser from Korres because 1) it doesn't foam, 2) it's supposed to be moisturizing, 3) and calming, and 4) it removes make-up. I finished this about a month ago and here are my thoughts.

This cleanser is $24 and 6.76 fl oz/200 ml of product. It's packaged in a squeezable cylindrical tube which makes it easy to control the amount of cleanser you want to use. On Sephora's website, this is described as "A three-in-one Greek yogurt emulsion for cleansing, toning, and makeup removal." The cleansing emulsion is "boosted with Greek yogurt for two and a half times more skin-nourishing proteins, vitamins, and minerals" and "features euphrasia—also known as eyebright extract—which reduces redness, swelling, and irritation, along with antioxidant macadamia and sunflower oils to moisturize and protect skin. The result is a formula that cleanses, tones, and removes even the most stubborn makeup from face and eyes."

The cleansing emulsion is quite fluid and has the look and texture of yogurt, though not as thick as Greek yogurt.

yogurt cleansing

It has a sweet, milky vanilla scent which I find pleasant. The list of ingredients can be found here. Those with especially sensitive noses and/or skins will probably find the scent overwhelming so check it out in store beforehand to see if it's something you'd like. I used this as my morning cleanse as well as second cleanse in the evening. It leaves the skin soft and hydrated which I really liked. I was used to other cleansers stripping my skin and making it feel uncomfortably tight. I use a wash cloth to remove this from my face, but it rinses off fairly well. I've used it to remove make-up a few times and this has been surprisingly effective. As a demonstration, here is the back of my hand covered in BB cream, eyeliner, powder, and lip pencil.

I applied some of the cleanser onto my hand, massaging it in, and adding a little water. It eventually gets off all the make-up and rinses easily to reveal clean skin.

make-up be gone~

For me, the Korres' Greek yogurt cleansing emulsion lasted about seven months when I used a quarter-sized amount. It cleaned my skin well and I adored the scent (one of the top three best smelling cleansers I've used for sure), but it didn't do much for me otherwise to justify the price. Also, as practical as the packaging seemed I just didn't like the way it looked. It was also difficult to get the last bit of cleanser out towards the end. I do recommend checking this out if you like milky cleansers and things that smell sweet and yummy. It's a good make-up remover and features many natural ingredients to keep your skin feeling soft.

.leaves skin feeling soft & hydrated
.removes make-up well
.pleasant scent
.one tube lasts 6+ months with daily use
.formulated with natural ingredients

.fragrance listed fairly high on ingredient list
.difficult to rinse off
.difficult packaging

bright young person loves it

this much.

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