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/Lenses/ GEO Bambi Princess Mimi Circle Lenses

this was purchased by me

I've wanted to try circle lenses for a while, especially after seeing them in action at Ekiblog. Last month I finally caved in and bought my first pair at

EyeCandy's (which I discovered on Eki's blog) is an online retailer of various lenses and Asian beauty products. I liked the layout and design of the website; everything was neat and easy to find and there were numerous, detailed pictures of the lenses showing exactly what they look like when worn. I quite appreciated that aspect as just seeing what the lens looks like can't really give a good indication of what it looks like on the eye. Since this was my first pair of lenses, I wanted something that would enhance my eyes whilst keeping everything looking natural (I was not ready for brightly colored lenses yet). After perusing the site for a few days I settled on the Geo Bambi Mimi Princess lenses in Almond Brown.


These series of lenses are designed by the gyaru model Tsubasa Musawaka and comes in three additional colors. I chose this one because it looked like the most inconspicuous color (no one would really be able to tell I was wearing them) and the reviews from Eyecandy's for this particular lens was very good. With a diameter of 14.5 mm the lenses would enlarge my eyes a bit and the almond color looked like it would seamlessly match my dark brown eyes. The lenses are disposable after one year so I thought it would be a good deal considering how long I'd be able to wear them. I placed my order, paying through PayPal (quite secure, believe me, I was a bit apprehensive in regards to the payment method), and I waited for the lenses to arrive. Eyecandy's features a nice trace and track system for your orders and sends email updates regarding shipment status which I thought was helpful to quell my worries and increasing impatience.

I received my package in the mail about two weeks later, a tad faster than I thought I'd get it, and I was overjoyed. In addition to the lenses, I received a cute kitty contact lens case.

The first thing I did was check the authenticity of the lenses on the GEO website listed on the stickers at the bottom of the bottles.

I entered that loooong string of letters and numbers on and the lenses were confirmed as being an authentic GEO product (yay!).

These are pictures of the actual lenses and they look very natural. The lens features a relatively thick black ring around its circumference and light brown spikes going inwards (...oh, that's not the best way to describe it, but that's what it looks like), almost in a way that looks like a drawing of a sun
As this was my first pair of contact lenses ever, I was glad to find a wear and care guide on Eyecandy's. I was excited to try on my lenses, but the guide informed me that these lenses needed to be soaked in a multipurpose solution for a minimum of 6 hours. So, I went out and purchased this:

travel size; it costs less than $2

I soaked my lenses overnight in the lens case and planned on wearing them the next day.

As previously mentioned, this was the first time I had used any form of contact lens. I was expecting the process of popping them on to be super easy and quick (and pain-free, which should be a given). It wasn't. Even with the guide, it took me maybe 20 minutes or more to try and get a lens in one eye. Once I got that one in, the other side was much easier. This is me wearing them for the first time:


My eyes seriously looked so much bigger, it kind of freaked me out at first when I looked in the mirror (....i felt like I had alien eyes instead of dolly eyes). After a while, though, I got used to it and I felt I looked younger and definitely cuter. I was so happily surprised to discover that I couldn't feel the lenses on my eyes. It was so comfortable to wear them throughout the day (it's recommended to keep them on for a 6 hour time frame) and I could see perfectly fine. Here's a comparison of how my eyes look before and after the lens:

normal eye, no flash

circle lense'd! no flash

You can see how my eye has gotten noticeable larger, but still retains a very natural appearance. The color blends in with my dark brown eyes so well. This is a close-up of my eye with a lens on with flash.

You can really see the black ring around the lens and the light brown emanating inwards. Having worn the lenses for over a week, I can safely say I haven't experienced any extreme discomfort or vision problems. The only thing I notice is that my eyes tend to feel a little drier after five or six hours of wear and by then I simply remove the lenses (which is much easier than the putting them in).

Overall, this was (mostly) a great first experience with circle lenses for me. I loved how the lenses looked on my eyes, they helped to make my eyes larger. I would recommend these lenses to those who want to have bigger eyes, but keep things natural and especially to those who are new to circle lenses and would like to try them for the first time.

Ordering through Eyecandy's was very easy and secure. They have a very good selection with great images to help you decide which lenses will look good on you. The lenses can be a little pricey, but Eyecandy's has a great tracking feature, shipping is free worldwide, and the lenses will arrive rather quickly (at least much sooner than one might expect considering where they come from). I plan to purchase from them in the future as I've already made an extensive wishlist of other lenses to try.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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