Tuesday, September 24, 2013

/Lenses/ GEO Big Nudy Gray Circle Lenses

this was purchased by me.

Having tried circle lenses once, I was practically hooked. I like the way my eyes look, at times I forgo most eye make-up because they already look so big. I had no idea it was so normal to wear them in Asian countries. Since I wanted to try new colors and styles I went to scour the internet for lenses. I ended up this time at Korea Big Eyes, another site to purchase lenses as seen on Ekiblog.

I decided to buy from this website because it was featured on Eki's blog and other online reviews were pretty decent (it was legit). Also, the prices of the circle lenses are much cheaper than on EyeCandy's. I happened to buy these when they were having 50% off on certain styles so I paid $8 per pair. Even without a sale, Korea Big Eye's lenses can be up to $10 less than EyeCandy's. This is mostly a good thing. I was happy about the low price until I say that shipping was not free and $6 was added to my total.

authenticity verified!

I wanted to try gray because it was still a natural looking color. I ended up choosing lenses from GEO's Big Nudy Series in gray. The reviews were generally good and I wondered what I would look like with gray eyes.

natural light

with flash

When I first wore these, it was slightly uncomfortable and I had a little trouble seeing. These lenses seem a little larger than the Princess Mimi ones (which are my ultimate favorite and have become the standard to which I will hold all other lenses to) and it was difficult to get them on. I was so shocked at the way my eyes changed. In the light they can sometimes look blue and I had never imagined what I could look like with different colored eyes. With extended wear, however, these lenses are becoming another favorite as they are so comfortable. I figured out why I had vision troubles: sometimes the lens will cover my pupil. It's not so irritating that I can't stand wearing them, but it can be bothersome. (If it does become too bothersome, I take out the lenses. Remember: don't wear them more than 6 hours at a time and consult your ophthalmologist about wearing lenses and if they're right for you.)
One thing I was kind of expecting was a later delivery for these versus the Eyecandy's. As I mentioned in this post, it took over a month for Korea Big Eyes to ship to me. Eyecandy's was much faster and I almost thought something happened to my package (forgot to ship, went to the wrong place, etc). What made it worse was the fact I was out of town and thinking the package was coming soon (what if it was stolen??). Anyway, shipping does take longer, but the products are the same and you pay less per pair of lenses. I've already purchased again from Korea Big Eyes and this time they came faster than expected.

bright young person loves it

this much.


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