Sunday, September 15, 2013

/Skin/ Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer SPF 30

this was purchased be me

I just finished this up a few days ago. I've been using it on and off, but mostly on, for the past year or so. There were many things I liked about this moisturizer and there were a lot of things that made me go, "Hmmmm."

I initially picked this up because Yes to products are sourced from organic fruits and vegetables, is cruelty-free, void of sulfates, petroleum, parabens, and phthalates, and are available at a reasonable price, around $15 (considering the ingredients). I liked idea behind the product, I'm very into natural skincare that works, and the included SPF really won me over. I picked the moisturizer from the cucumber line because my skin was really acting crazy at the time (red, dry, itchy, broken out in some places) do I figured since cucumber is targeted for sensitive skin, it might help calm down all the problems I was having.
I was so excited to try it; the moisturizer smelled rather pleasant, like cucumbers and a little sweet like honeydew melon, and after pumping the product to the back of my hand I saw that it had a thick, creamy consistency in addition to being a white in color. Applying the moisturizer was more of a challenge--it's so thick, thicker than any other cream I've ever put on my face, and it took nearly forever to get absorbed into my skin. I really had to rub the moisturizer in or I'd have white patches all over my face. Once the moisturizer had been worked into my face so no white remained, it did an adequate job keeping my face hydrated. The only problem was that I'd get oily, very, very oily, when I wore make=up on top. Much more than I normally do in a shorter amount of time (I think because additional oil in the ingredinets). For the length of time I did wear the Yes To Cucumbers moisturizer, it didn't do much to alleviate my skin issues which led me to stop using it for a few months. Once my skin started to clam down after seeing a dermatologist, I started using this again (roughly in June/July) and there have been so major problems (beyond the thickness of the cream that needs to be rubbed in). It layers well under make-up (since my skin has normalized) and I don't get very oily, especially if I simply wear the moisturizer for the day.

Would I purchase this again? Umm, no. It does a great job at moisturizing and it seems to be ok for sensitive skin, but I just can't stand the fact that it's sooooo thick. I abhor having to rub and rub to get it into my skin. I'm so glad I finally used up all the product. I wouldn't recommend this for someone with oily skin (it's fine over acne, but it will make your skin very oily) unless you like that super shiny look.
Even with my adverse experience withe this Yes to product, I'm not completely turned off from the brand. I like the Yes to Carrots body lotion, it smells awesome, and I really want to try some of the things from the Yes to Grapefruits line, like the CC cream.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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