Sunday, December 22, 2013

/Make-Up/ Tarte Picture Perfect Set

this was purchased by me.

Technically, the this set would fall under something like Make-up tools. Hm. I suppose I'm letting the mini mascara take precedence over the category of this set. Or I'm too lazy to make up a new category now. I got this set from Tarte and it costs $16. I have two eyelash curlers that I use sparingly, but they're kind of old so I figured this would be a nice addition/replacement.

Here's some pictures of the curler itself.

Tarte's eyelash curler is different from the other ones I have because it has a spring in the handle. I like this feature because I end up using less pressure on my lashes while curling them and it's actually less painful (somehow I always pinch my eyelids when I use an eyelash curler...hmm). I also like the fact that this set includes a replacement rubber pad to change after a few months. It's much more better to have the pad than have to get a completely new curler. This is the mascara sample that comes with it.

3ml/.10 fl.oz sample sized

close-up of brush

I've used it before, but I don't remember exactly how it performed so it's like new to me. Ingredients can be found here.
Let's take a look at how this curler works. These are my bare eyelashes.

Here's one side curled (the eye on the left in the picture which in reality is my right eye).

You can see how my lashes look visible on the one side so that's an improvement. Now here are both of my eyelashes curled with the mascara applied to them.

I know the lashes on the right side (my left eye in real life) look crazy long, but they're just like that at the moment (probably due to my method of mascara application or something). So, my lashes are well defined and very much visible now. I have to say, this is one of the better eyelash curlers I've tried. As I previously mentioned, the spring in the handle lessen the pressure I have to apply during the curling. Afterwards, my lashes have a nice lift without looking oddly bent. The curler fits my eye quite well, but it still doesn't really reach my outer lashes. In regards to the mascara, I'm not that impressed. It does help to separate and lengthen my lashes without any clumping, but the formula feels so dry. That's a personal preference so if you don't really mind the texture of your mascara this might be a good natural option for you. The other thing I don't like about this Tarte mascara: it smudges. Halfway through the day I get panda eyes. That's something I don't ever want.

Since the majority of this set is the eyelash curler and I really liked it, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new eyelash curler or even someone who;s thinking about getting their first eyelash curler. When I use it, I feel like there's more control and less pinching compared to other traditional eyelash curlers. The price isn't too bad either. I just don't much care for the mascara....but it's ok.

bright young person love it

this much.

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