Wednesday, December 4, 2013

/Lips/ Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss Lipstick

I missed out on getting the Urban Decay lipstick set on Black Friday. I don't understand how that could've happened--I got up early, added it into my cart, went to checkout, filled everything out and hit the submit button....but for some reason the site just wouldn't process my order (it was probably the insane influx of people, but still, I'm rather upset). So it sold out before my eyes.

this was purchased by me.

Anyway, I've moved on in my life. And I got another lipstick instead at a much cheaper price, around $5. I was at a drugstore, browsing and picking up stuff to use coupons on, when this Rimmel lipstick caught my eye. Kate Moss is a representative model for the British cosmetic company and has collaborated with Rimmel to create a collection of lipsticks. It's difficult to resist a supermodel. And pink lipstick (at least for me).

I bought this lasting finish lipstick in 102, which is a light, rosy pink.

It's a little warmer than it appears in the tube. Here's a swatch.

The lipstick kind of has a fruity/floral scent which slowly evolves into into something plastic-y. I don't really mind it, I actually like it a bit (to me, I smell candy) and the scent is gone within three minutes of application to the lips. I've read online reviews that express utter disgust for the smell and depending on how sensitive your nose is and what scents you prefer, so I'd advise trying a test sniff if possible (which isn't too difficult as most Rimmel products aren't safety-sealed, which is extremely unhygienic...) or making sure the store you purchase from has a good return policy if you don't like it. In case you're interested here's the list of ingredients for the lipstick since it isn't printed anywhere on the tube.
Anyway, let's get back on track. Here's a comparison picture of my bare lips and my lips with the lipstick.

normal lips, natural light

pink kate-moss-ified lips, natural light

I like that this lipstick was true to color and actually showed up on my lips. You can see how they're pinker in the second picture. I usually have problems with lip products showing up, but this one surprisingly works for a lighter color. And it actually looks fairly nice against my complexion (possibly because I've become a bit paler during these cooler months).

natural light

As the title would suggest, this is a long-wearing lipstick. I wasn't aware of that initially so I was shocked to discover my lipstick remained on my lips after having a cup of coffee. It was pretty amazing. This basically stays on 8+ hours during which the color fades a bit. I didn't notice any uneven fading, like a concentration or lack of pink in any areas, but my lips felt dry within one hour of wear. I need to make sure my lips are moisturized well beforehand and I apply a balm when they become uncomfortable. I like the matte finish as well and the lipstick glides easily across the lips with absolutely no pulling or tugging.
This is a great everyday lipstick. I've been reaching for it daily since I bought it. You really get a lot of product for the price, .14 oz vs the normal .09-.11 oz in other lipsticks. So, I like this lipstick and I'd like to try other colors in the future (and maybe the normal Kate Moss lasting finish line).

bright young person loves it

this much.

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