Saturday, November 30, 2013

/Hair/ L'Oreal Excellence Creme Blonde Supreme Extra Light Ash Blonde

I am so close to straight up bleaching my hair. It appears to be a big trend these days anyway. (Note to self: bleach project to take effect in January)

this was purchased by me.

Since I'm still a bit scared of at-home bleaching, I thought I might try my luck with a blonde high-lift hair color. My roots have started to show, only a very little bit, really, but I felt the urge to dye my hair.

After reading this how-to on hair wikia, I got the idea that maybe a high-lift blond would get my hair light enough so that I could tone it to get the color I want. I figured I'd try this anyway because it's a cheaper ($7.99), easier accessible alternative to Palty. This is what comes in the box:

everything you need for one-step blonde hair?

The ingredients for the pre-color serum, developer, colorant, and post-color conditioner.

This is the color chart. It would be nice if my hair turned out like any of the blonde results without any crazy brassiness (hence my decision to use the ash version of the blonde supreme), but the box makes a point to mention that this dye isn't recommended for people with natural hair darker than light brown....

Unlike most instances when I dye my hair, I did a patch test of the coloring creme and the developing creme about 48 hours before I wanted to color. There was no terrible reaction so I went ahead and proceeded my plan to color my hair. This is my hair before.

natural light

I applied the pre-dye serum, then the dye, and kept it on for around 45 minutes (during which I checked the color progress periodically). One box was enough to cover all my hair, which is shoulder length at the moment, and I even had some dye left over. The smell was rather strong compared to other dyes I've used. Since I was doing the dying alone, the fumes got so overwhelming at times I had to stop because it irritated my eyes and nose. So here's what happened.

natural light


It's not blonde. I can live with that. My hair just got lighter and my roots got covered. I'm happily surprised I didn't end up with crazy orange hair. I know that the pictures make my hair look kind of ashy-brown, but it's kind of more yellow-y or golden...This is what it looks like a week or so after I colored.

natural light, indoors

natural light, outdoors

Overall, this hair dye did a decent job. I think it was just as effective as the Palty hair dyes I used in the past. I'm not sure if others will get the same results, though. Since my hair type is kind of strange/rare (it's super thick)...I probably could've left the dye in longer. Oh, well. After coloring my hair didn't feel too damaged. It felt smooth. The only thing I didn't really like was the after-color conditioner. MyIt didn't moisturize/revive/shine up my hair as much as other after-color conditioners I've used. I would buy this again. It's cheaper than Japanese hair dyes and L'Oreal often has coupons available online/in-store discounts. I'm still thinking about toning/dyeing again to help neutralize my hair. But, I'm kind of happy with the way it's like now. If only it were lighter.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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