Thursday, November 21, 2013

/Skin/ Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

I make it a habit to do a mask at least once a week. It's a ritual I've maintained for six years. As someone with generally oily skin since my teen years, I tend to seek out masks aimed at helping with oiliness and blemishes. For a long time I used a Neutrogena product, but as I got older and wiser I started seeking out natural and cruelty-free options.

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Enter Aztec Secret's clay mask. I was wandering around Whole Food's skin/body/personal care section when I saw this jar on a bottom shelf. It didn't look amazing or exciting, but after reading the product description I thought this would be a good mask to try.

Here's the description that hooked me into purchasing this. I thought it was clever and helpful and overall just something I needed at the moment. This clay an be used for multiple ailments apparently, but I strictly do facial masks. To be honest, this is my second jar of the dried clay. The first one I purchased lasted a little over two years and I only made a mask once a week.
The jar contains 16 oz/454 g of product for $6.99 at Whole Foods. Aztec Secret can also be found on amazon in the same quantity (and larger) at a similarly good price.

The sole ingredient of this product is calcium bentonite, basically a green clay (which is also found in kitty litter...among other things) and this is free of fragrances, animal testing & byproducts, and other additives.

Here's the Aztec Secret in all its glory: fine, green clay that one must mix with water or apple cider vinegar to make a paste to apply to the face, legs, etc. After some trial and error, I've found that this works much better when mixed with apple cider vinegar.

The directions say to have equal parts of clay and water/apple cider vinegar, mix, then apply where needed. My preferred ratio to make a clay mask is 1 tsp/5 ml of each. I think it makes a good amount to cover my entire face and it probably makes a good standard amount for first time users of diy masks.

This is the resulting clay mixture and while it does look unappealing (*I'm sparing you a picture of myself with this smeared across my face), but the effects of the mask are astounding. I'm not sure if you noticed the bold, red font on the label in the previous pictures, "FEEL YOUR FACE PULSATE" and "WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL FACIAL" in case you did miss it, and that is not a typo or ruse to make you chuckle. As the mask dries on your face, it tightens the skin and can even be a little painful (only if you leave it on for over 15 minutes; don't let it dry completely, though), drawing out the impurities in the pores. Once the mask is washed off I can actually see that the gunk from my pores have surfaced (it's a disturbing mental visual, yes, but my face gets a good deep clean).

I love this mask. It's economical because it lasts so long and has many uses. It's natural and animal/chemical/anything-free. This works better for combination to oily skin as it helps with pore problems and oiliness. One of the downsides is that making the clay and washing it off can be messy. I use a separate basin to wash the clay completely off my face, do a final rinse in the sink, and dump the basin water outside. At any rate, Aztec Secret is worth the minor inconveniences because it works. And it's quite cheap.

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