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/Make-up/ Missha Complexion Coordinating BB Cream

this was purchased by me.

I bought this from Missha almost two months ago. Having jumped on the BB cream bandwagon, it seemed fitting to try a little CC cream too. This product is more like a BB/CC hybrid that includes the traditional features of each cream. It should be noted that this is the "flawless" version of the Complexion Coordinating BB Cream (there is a "pure" version that's supposed to make skin more luminous) and I had high expectations for this cream. For numerous people Missha is the gateway into BB creams and other Korean cosmetics. I remember when I was living in South Korea and some of my colleagues regularly made plans to go to Missha stores during sales to stock up on BB creams. At that time Korean make-up failed to allure me and sometimes I regret that (but shopping can be bothersome when sales people follow you like a shadow).
I've been testing this out sporadically throughout the weeks and here are my thoughts on it.

The cream retails for $35 and you get 50 ml/1.7 oz of product. It's a better deal than most liquid foundations or BB/CC creams that come in 30 ml/ 1oz. When I bought this, I used a discount code for new customers who sigh up for Missha's e-mail list. I received a discount for 30% off regularly priced items and 10% off the sale. I choose this over the "pure" one because I'm always looking for a skin base that will make my skin look smooth, poreless, and matte (in other words, flawless). This seemed like a better match for me.
It has sturdy, heavy packaging (it is a jar, after all) that's also quite pretty; I think the gold juxtaposed against the black really makes the container appear more high-end than it is. With that in mind, I wouldn't recommend this for travel. This CC BB cream is much better suited sitting on top of a vanity.

description and instructions


I like that the formula is free of parabens and oils, but there are still many ingredients that are too chemically sounding for my personal preferences. Because the BB cream is in a jar as opposed to the tube most commonly used, dispensing the product can be difficult.

safety sealed for your protection

In order to get the product out, one must twist the upper part of the jar in the direction of the arrow.

This is beige based in color and it has a light, refreshing floral scent. It doesn't bother me or doesn't linger on the skin, but for truly sensitive noses this could be an issue.


It basically looks white, but it blends to almost match my skin tone. I would limit myself to wearing this in the fall/winter as the cream is so pale. To see the effect this gives to the skin here's a comparison between my bare face and my face with the BB cream on.

natural light, no make-up

natural light, with make-up

The most noticeable difference from the pictures is that my face is a little less red and more evened out with the CC BB cream on. The coverage of this is about medium. If you apply too much, though, it tends to look thick and cakey on the face. Maybe what you can't see in the pictures is how the cream helped to refine my skin. I didn't wearing a primer with this, but on it's own the CC BB cream basically made my pores disappear. And that's before I set it with a powder. That really amazed me the most. The consistency of the product is actually quite dry. It goes on smoothly, but you need to work quickly to blend it into the skin. I had some trouble with the dispenser. The more you twist, the more comes out. And it's messy. (And there's the sanitation issue of product being exposed to air/unclean fingers or brushes.)
However, I figured out a method to keep things clean by twisting the top of the jar in the opposite direction so that the cream goes back down into the container.
It wears well for about four hours before I start to get too oily. Here's picture of me at the four four mark right before I touched up my face.

natural light, a few hours later

There isn't much difference between this picture and the one above with the completed make-up look. I probably look more shiny here.

This product is good for people who have oily/combination skin as the CC BB cream is on the drier side. If you're looking to try a BB cream from Missha that's free of oils and parabens, this is also a good choice (alas, this is the only Missha BB cream I've tried, but I like it). It has a high SPF to protect the skin and really does help make the skin "flawless". The negatives about the product would be the packaging (not travel-friendly and odd dispensing) and the color range won't suit everyone out there. Even when I wore this it looked too pale against the rest of my body and it had a slight pink undertone that didn't quite match my face.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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