Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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The first time I saw Rashida Jones was in the American version of The Office. It was the third season when Jim transferred from the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of Dunder-Miflin to somewhere in New York/Pennsylvania, I think...Anyway, Rashida Jones was introduced as a new character/co-worker at Jim's new workplace and I was smitten.

Jim face

What attracted me to her the most is her hair. She has the most perfect hair I've ever seen.





She's had so many different hairstyles and colors yet she pulls every one of them off so effortlessly. Her fringe is my favorite aspect of her hair (when she has it). Rashida Jones also looks super cute. I mean to say, she has an adorable face despite the fact she's almost 40.
Even though I knew she was an actress, I had no idea she came from a famous family. Her father is Quincy Jones and her mother, Peggy Lipton, was an actress (I literally just discovered her mother used to be an actress, thanks Wikipedia). Aside from being beautiful, Rashida Jones is apparently a genius because she went to Harvard.

I digress as I'm drifting away from the main purpose of this post and what this blog is supposed to encompass. How exactly does she stay looking so amazing? I dove off the deep end of the internet and compiled most of the good ones right here for you:

.allure interview


.more hair and some make-up

.advice and likes


From what I read on the internets about Rashida Jones, she's a minimalist when it comes to her own beauty routine. Rarely does she put on foundation, but she still looks perfect. She also stays fit, but doesn't look like a walking skeleton. She sends a good message regarding body image and being comfortable with yourself (which she also discusses in some of the interviews I listed above).

She even looks amazing in glasses.


The last thing I saw her in was Our Idiot Brother where she played a lesbian. It was a comedically endearing film and she played her part well. Check it out. Check out all her other entertainment endeavors from Freaks and Geeks to the Muppets Movie.

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