Friday, January 3, 2014

/Lenses/ GEO Jasmine Circles Lenses in Violet and Gray

these were purchased by me.

It's the first official review post of the new year! I'm not that excited, but this should probably be an exciting thing because I've continued to blog on here for over 8 months. I actually got these lenses a while ago ago, like in September(?), from Korea Big Eyes (currently having a sale with 30% off everything and free standard shipping until 1/6). Even though shipping can take forever from that site, the prices for circle lenses are so low it's usually hard to resist a purchase....Both lenses featured in this post were $8 each. Sadly, I think the violet and gray jasmine lenses (AKA sunflower series) are (nearly) sold out.

I wish I had posted about this sooner, but...things happened. So, these are GEO lenses that are 14mm and have a water content of 38%. I didn't know they were 14mm until I referenced the site again. I picked these two colors out of the five available because I liked the way gray lenses looked on my eyes and I was interested in seeing what I'd look like with violet eyes.

close up

I like the floral design on them and the dark ring on the perimeter of the lenses to define the eye. I realize that most of the lenses I currently use (and have a small stock of) are from GEO. This brand has a great selection of lens styles and is comfortable to wear, for the most part. You can also check the authenticity of any GEO lens you buy on their website. Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, these are 14mm so the enlargement is subtle, but it makes enough of a difference. Here are my eyes without any lenses.

Then let's put on the violet lenses.

natural light

with flash

The violet isn't so prominent until your eyes catch the light, either naturally or with the flash of a camera. I was surprised by how natural these lenses looked despite them being considered an odd color. These are comfortable to wear, but sometimes I can kind of feel them in my eye. I would say they're a little thicker than my favorite geo bambi lenses. Here's a picture of my whole face so you can get an idea of what it's like when worn.

natural light

Now let's take a look at the gray lenses.

natural light

with flash

With the gray, I decided to get a power of -1.00 as that's the prescription I have for my eyes. I was able to see much better when I wore these and the comfort level was the same as the violet lenses (still thicker than I would have liked....). I prefer the effect of the gray lenses because it's less vibrant and can be used for everyday. Here's a whole face picture with the gray lenses.

natural light

As both lenses are 14mm, they're much easier to put in than 14.5mm and 14.8mm lenses. These also have the most natural effect in terms of enlarging. It's a shame they're not on Korea Big Eyes for $8 anymore....however, I did manage to find an online store that has both of these lenses in stock and on sale: Candylens has a great selection of GEO lenses including the ones I've reviewed here. I think the only difference is the size (the ones on Candylens say it's 15mm, but it looks different on the model...) and the higher sale price of $19.90 + shipping.
So, I really like these lenses overall. I liked experimenting with color and the way they enhanced my eyes without making me feel like an alien so I might get more 14mm lenses in the future. The only thing I didn't like was feeling the lenses on my eye. That kind of freaked me out some times and it was a bit uncomfortable to wear.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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