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/Make-up/ 3 Concept Eyes Pore Silky Balm

this was purchased by me.

So, I got this last month. I've been wanting to try 3 Concept Eyes for a while, specifically after I had seen some youtube featuring some products. I researched the brand online (I am officially obsessed with the stylenanda look) and I was immediately enamored with the array of products and the packaging. I wanted to purchase from the stylenanda website, but the shipping frightened me ($20!??) so I was absolutely thrilled to discover that Eye Candy's had a stock of 3CE, at a slightly higher price, and it could ship for free.

This can be purchased for around $15 at Eye Candy's. I happened to be buying some circle lenses at the time and there was a promotion going on so I ended up putting this in my cart. And buying it. I chose this out of all the 3 Concepts Eyes products because it was under $20 and I really didn't need another blush/eyeshadow/eyeliner/lip thing. When I do make-up, I'm all about a perfect base and this seemed like the perfect product to use on my pesky pores.
The balm is housed in a little tin which holds 25 g./88 oz. of product.

safety sealed

It includes a spatula and a sponge to apply it. There's a plastic separator between the applicators and the balm (which I keep in to separate them for sanitary reasons).

After testing out the pore silky balm for a few weeks, I'd like to share my experience with y'all. In case you forgot, here's where the concentration of pores on my face I wish to conceal:

I apply the balm in this area and only this are because that's where my most troublesome pores are. This is my before face, nothing except skincare stuff (toner, medication, treatments, moisturizer, sunscreen).

As you can see, my skin texture looks a bit rough and there are visible pores on nose and cheek. Let's fix that with some balm. Here I've spatula'd some out to show the texture of it. This has a faint floral scent to it, nothing overwhelming or offensive.

It's really emollient, kind of like play-doh, and you can warm it up with your fingers (like at the right) to make it easier for the skin to absorb. Of course you can also use the sponge to pick up a little balm and apply to the face that way.

On the 3CE website, it recommends using the balm sparingly so that the base make-up can go on smoothly. This is my face after applying the pore silky balm.

You can see how my skin looks more refined, much more smoother. Pores mostly gone. And this is the final result after applying a base (Etude House's Be Clear BB Cream), concealer, blush, highlighter, and setting powder.

close-up, natural light

full face, natural light

Looks quite good. Now, this is similar to the Tarte primer in that is only to conceal pores. It does nothing for oil. If you look on the website there is an ingredient list and there is oil in the balm. This is also touted as a moisturizing primer. So, if you have oily skin you'll still get oily. Throughout my weeks wearing this, I've tested it over make-up, kind of like in a blotting powder sort of fashion to help with shine, but it didn't work so well. I've noticed, however, that this pore balm keeps make-up looking fresh for about 51/2 hours with minimal pore visibility. Also, after weeks of wear, I haven't had any skin irritations or breakouts.

Overall, I like this product. A little goes a long way and it keeps me looking great throughout the day. As for what I don't like about it...well, I thought there would be more product in the tin. I really can't believe it's not an ounce. Another thing, this product isn't readily available in the U.S. One must order it online or do something to get it from South Korea. Hmm. I do like the way it performs and I think that's what really matters.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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