Sunday, January 19, 2014

/Skin/ Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer

this was given as a gift to me.

I got this a few months ago, during the time I went on my end-of-summer vacation. Duty-free shops are difficult to resist and I limited myself to getting something that would benefit my skin. An added bonus: it fit in my luggage without adding bulk.

This 1 oz/ 30 ml bottle costs $45 and I was able to use it everyday, in my morning routine only, for four months. I was looking for a brightening treatment since I had run out so I thought this would be a good option to try out. Clinique is a brand I generally trust, I started my venture into high-end skincare through their brand, but as it didn't really work out I started looking elsewhere. After rediscovering their make-up range I returned to try skincare.
The whole Turnaround range is based on exfoliators. The description of this product: "instantly creats a luminous-from-within radiance. Reveals skin's finest texture, too. Works to optimize natural renewal, gently, continually unveiling skin that's brighter, healthier, more uniform. Engages light with new vitality. Becomes softer, younger over time."
Here's the ingredients that make up the serum.

I like the pump dispenser. It's hygienic and I can control the amount I need (1/2 a pump was enough for my whole face and neck).

The serum is fairly watery and feels very light on the skin. It's not quite noticeable, but the serum actually it more white than clear as in the picture (because the container was almost empty). It never irritated my skin and it left a pretty glow to my face.

To show the effects of the exfoliation in this product, here are some before and after pictures. At the time I started using the serum, I had numerous breakouts on the side of my face that left a few unsightly marks.

it's a little scary in natural light

After three months of daily use, here's my skin now.

improved skin, natural light

A few marks are left and the majority of them have faded. I'm not going to give full credit to this Turnaround Radiance Renewer, but to me it's certainly been a big help in evening out my skin. I think it really helps to exfoliate, increasing the skin cell turnover.

.helped brighten my skin
.nice packaging

.might not last over 4 months if used 2x daily

bright young person loves it

this much.

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