Sunday, February 16, 2014

/Make-up/ Daiso False Eyelash Set No. 205

this was purchased by me.

When I found out there was a Daiso near my house, I was absolutely thrilled. Daiso is the Japanese equivalent to a Dollar Store, except things cost a bit more and the products are much better (quality, appearance, etc). Daiso stores have a huge selection of beauty and skin care products. It was overwhelming walking into the store for the first time and seeing almost a while aisle stocked with false eyelashes.

It was difficult to pick which lashes I wanted--there were so many and they all looked so pretty--yet I went home with these. I really liked the fact that the lashes were concentrated in the center and that there were two pairs in this package. I was really glad that I only paid $1.50 for these even if there isn't any glue included.

This design "enhances the pupil to create a stronger impression." (I thought it a little strange that another description claiming this "enhances the iris of the eye" was on the box, too, which is a completely different part of the eye...)
Here are the instructions and other information from the back of the box:

I was a bit worried that these lashes would look crazy on me because they look so voluminous and I'm not used to wearing falsies so it might be like, "WHOA. LASHES.". But I bought them and I figured I'd have to wear them at some point. So let's see what these look like on the lashes. As this kit didn't come with glue, I used my trusty tube of Duo eyelash adhesive. Here are my eyelashes that have just been curled:

i'm wearing royal vision cinderella blue lenses here

This is me wearing the lashes on one side (my right eye which is on your left side of the screen).

You can see how the outer lashes flare out nicely. Now, this is me wearing the falsies on both eyes.

It looks quite natural. I was pleasantly surprised by that and I got to thinking that I could wear these more often.
Here's a side view of the lashes so you can get an idea of the length and curl they give.

absolutely lush

Another close-up of the lashes:

The Daiso lashes give a very subtle effect; it's really natural-looking which I like.

natural light

However, with all good things there are bad things: these are some of the most uncomfortable falsies I have ever worn. They're kinda heavy and it feels like they're pinching my lashline/inner & outer corners of my eyes. I've tried wearing these before on two different occasions and it was too painful so I had to take them off.
I don't wear falsies everyday (I can't begin to fathom how some people do) because to me it's time-consuming and sometimes irritating to the eye, especially when wearing the cheaper ones. I like the way these look, though, so every once in a while I'll wear them despite the discomfort.

.comes with 2 pairs of lashes
.makes my lashes look thick and curled

.no glue included

bright young person loves it

this much.

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