Monday, February 17, 2014

/Style/ President's Day Shopping

In the U.S., today was President's Day. As a holiday of sorts, most people spend the day off doing relax-y things. For me that meant shopping. I went to Ikea because they were having a sale on back-sleeper pillows (I really like firm pillows) and while I was there I found a really cute decorative plate. It has the most lovely pastel mint color that I ardently adore (though it doesn't quite show up in the picture). I paid $2 for it.

It's supposed to be used with candles, but it looks just as nice holding jewelry or keys. The earrings (purchased today, too) on the plate are from Old Navy as are the other following items.

I stepped in there on a whim and was surprised to find out everything in the store was 30% off (35% off with an Old Navy credit card). Dresses were 50% off so the one you see above was around $12. Stripes are hard to resist for me.
I quite like the D'Orsay flats. I think I became slightly obsessed with this shoe style after receiving an email from Madewell featuring their new shoes.

I'm having a serious red shoe phase. I don't know why, but I like red shoes a lot. Anyway, I think these will be nice for spring and summer (or even now, considering the warm weather we're having in L.A.).

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