Thursday, March 13, 2014

/Lips/ American Apparel Micromesh Lip Gloss

this was purchased by me.

I got this lipgloss a few weeks ago when I purchased some jeans from American Apparel. I wanted free shipping (for orders of $50+) so I added this to my cart because I've been wanting to try their lipgloss. I picked this color, Micromesh, because it was a bright, hot pink and I was hoping the color would show up on my lips.

This is available to purchase for $12 at American Apparel stores and online. There is .2 fl oz/ 7ml of product in the tube. As depicted in the picture above, the gloss applies via a doe-foot applicator. The ingredients aren't listed on the American Apparel website, so I went ahead and took a picture of the ingredients that appear on the plastic seal (I put it up against a colored background so the text is readable).

This lip gloss is described on the online store as " Hydrating Creme Gloss. A vitamin-enriched, moisturizing creme formula. Smooth, non-sticky, long lasting color." This lip product is also cruelty, fragrance, and petroleum-free. Here's a swatch of Micromesh.

It's a nice, creamy gloss with no sparkles (I'm not a fan of sparkly gloss) and the color is very opaque. There is no real scent to the lip gloss, although there is a slight plasticky note that isn't at all bothersome (at least to me).

This is a picture of my bare lips:

Here's one swipe of the AA lip gloss:

To me, this felt more like a liquid lipstick. The color is very pigmented on my lips and initially the formula is a little sticky (even though it's described as not being so). The plasticky scent I mentioned earlier is basically nonexistent when the lip gloss is worn. The shininess of the gloss last about two hours, but the color stains my lips for 3+ hours afterward

The lip gloss is moisturizing on the lips, but I don't think I would substitute it for lip balm if your lips are very dry (by which I mean chapped and/or flaky). I would definitely try other shades (like a nude color, Café Crème , or a deeper color, like African Violet). Maybe in the future I'll get one of these sets.

.moisturizing on lips
.long-lasting color
.made in America
.cruelty/fragrance(to an extent)/petroleum-free

.a bit expensive
.slight plastic scent

bright young person loves it

this much.

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