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Hello again. I've been away for a while...there hasn't been a *real* post in a while and even longer since I've reviewed some circle lenses. I bought these weekly Neo Shiny Dali Brown lenses about two months ago. I love wearing brown lenses that enhance my brown eyes because I like how it looks so natural. I'd been wanting to try the Neo brand of lenses for a while because I've seen reviews on how comfortable they are. I was also interested in disposable lenses because they're so much more hygienic for daily wear. Let's take a closer look!

I ordered a box of 6 pairs (12 total) of lenses in my prescription. I love my glasses, but sometimes I forget to wear them or bring them so having lenses in my prescription helps me to see anytime throughout the day.

The weekly lenses box costs $33.99 per box. I thought it was a good deal because you get 6 weeks worth of lenses, a little more than a month, and you can pick and choose to wear them for any week because the lenses come in blister packs. Being 14 mm, these lenses don't make your eyes too big and with a 42% water content they should be fairly comfy to wear.

This was my first time seeing lenses in this kind of packaging in person, but I was pleasantly relieved to find that these were much easier to open than the little vials normal monthly or yearly lenses come in.

The lens design features a thin, black limabal ring around the edge and a two-tone of light and dark brown gradating into each other and slightly spiking into the center. Overall, it has a very simple look and would be perfect for everyday wear.
So for comparison, here are my normal eyes. This is what my eyes are like when I wake up every day.

natural light

Here are my eyes after putting in the Neo Shiny Dali lenses:

natural light

These lenses don't enlarge too much, just enough to make my eyes look naturally bigger and cuter. I definitely look more awake and ready to start the day.
This is what the lenses look like with flash. I like how it subtly lightens the eye and give off a soft glow. It looks very pretty.

with flash

with flash

I was anticipating that the lenses would be very comfortable when worn, but initially they were a little irritating in my eyes. The irritation disappeared as the day went on, but the lenses do feel dry after 6-7 hours of wear. I wore a pair of the Shiny Dali lenses for a week and I loved how my eyes looked. You can totally wear these lenses without any make-up and it would still look great.

whole face look, natural light

As always, the customer service at EyeCandy's was great. Delivery time was around two weeks, which I find exceptionally wonderful. I love to shop for circle lenses and Asian beauty products there because shipping is free and fast.
Overall, I'm very happy with the Neo Dali Shiny lenses. These are perfect for work or school because they look so natural on. These are more hygienic than yearly lenses since they're disposable after a week. Having tried these, I would like to try the other weekly Neo Dali lenses too...

.individual packed lenses can be opened when wanted

.a little uncomfortable
.not very enlarging

bright young person loves it

this much.

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