Monday, June 9, 2014

/Skin/ Daiso Oil Blotting Cosmetic Paper

this was purchased by me.

As much as I love the look of healthy, glowing skin, there's a fine line between glowy and shiny with my face. I'm sure this is an issue with most people who have oily and/or combination skin. So in order to keep the oil balanced on my face I have a touch-up regime that I do about halfway through the day (4-5 hours after my initial make-up application). Oil blotting papers are part of my arsenal to combat shine and I happened to find this box of them at my local Daiso.

The selection of oil-blotting papers at Daiso is extraordinary. They come in all kinds of cutely designed packaging and various sizes for on the go blotting or at your desk blotting. They're all priced at $1.50 and contain 100-250 sheets per pack. I decided on this particular box of oil-blotting paper because the box was pink with a pretty design and there's 250 sheets of paper in the box. This is made in Japan and brings back memories of the first oil-blotting papers I bought and used in Kyoto many years ago (also, I trust the quality of these papers). I use blotting papers everyday so the amount of papers (almost enough to last a year!) for the price was a real good deal.

back of the packaging w/ description and instructions

just the box, it's made of cardboard

The oil-absorbing sheet is about as big as my palm so it can cover a lot of my face with each blot. The paper isn't scented and feels very smooth. I tend to use it on four spots: forehead, right cheek, left cheek, and nose.

Here's how it works as a touch up. This is my made-up face about five hours into the day.

natural light, 5 hours of wearing make-up

As you can see, my nose is really shiny with oil and my cheeks are a bit shiny. This is my face after using the Daiso cosmetic paper:

natural light, face + blotting paper

Aside from my bangs being on the other side of my face, you can see how the shine on my face, specifically on my nose, is subdued and looks more like a soft glow. While blotting, I noticed that that paper was much stinger than other blotting papers and doesn't tear as easily.
Here's my face after the total touch up regime of blotting paper + pressed powder:

natural light, blotting paper + powder

With the excess oil whisked away by the cosmetic paper and my skin veiled in a sheer layer of powder, my face is perfectly matte to my liking. My nose and cheeks aren't shiny, but my cheekbones still glow with healthy radiance.

I really like these Daiso blotting papers because they have a low price, but have a high quality. This box is sure to last me a long time. The only issue I have with this product is that it doesn't travel well in my handbag. The box is too big and bulky and it obviously stated on the packaging that this is for putting on your desktop (or vanity), but sometimes I'll take a few sheets with me in my bag if I think I'll need them later. I'm also considering purchasing the papers in the flat, travel-size packs. This is a good value overall and I would definitely keep a box stashed at my desk for midday oily-face emergencies.

.comes with 250 (so many!) sheets
.pretty packaging
.durable paper
.absorbs oil well
.good-sized sheets

.large packaging makes it difficult to travel with
.might be difficult to find if you don't have a Daiso near you

bright young person love it

this much.

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