Tuesday, June 3, 2014

/Hair/ New Cut

Hello! Sorry for being away so long. I got a visit from my (new!) boyfriend a few weeks ago so I was distracted and busy showing him around. I didn't really recover from his departure yet so I've been kind of sad and lazy. Anyway, I was in need of a haircut, the last one I had was in January, so I went to the Aesthe' salon today. This was my hair before the cut:


It was really long and all my thinned out layers at the bottom had turned into a heavy blob. Here's my new hair!


It feels much lighter on my head because my hairdresser really thinned out my hair. I was quite scared to see all my hair on the floor. I like it, though. I asked for wavy hair and it looks rather cute. Too bad it won;t stay nice like this all the time (I have no idea how to curl my hair like this). Next thing to do would be coloring my hair....

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