Sunday, July 13, 2014

/Diet/ Progress?

Hi~ This is my weekly update on the status of my "diet". I don't think this is an official diet, to be honest, it's more like something to keep track of what I'm doing. It includes anything diet related, I suppose. Anyway! This week hasn't been that great. I gained one pound! So I'm up to 119 lbs/54 kg and I want to blame it on things going on in my body that come once a month, but I have to be real with myself, taking accountability for the poor food choices I've made and lack of exercise being done. I have been doing Blogilates nearly everyday, mostly the leg workouts because that's where I'd like to tone the most (oh, to have slim calves...)

Still working on them....I think I'll start having soup for dinner in a few weeks. One thing I've tried that's kind of beneficial is drinking a full glass of water before every meal and drinking whenever I feel like snacking throughout the day. After this week I'm going to work extra hard to get back to normal and lose more weight. Time to put on my hardworking face again.

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Now I feel like I can do it.

.Weight: 119 lbs. (54 kg)
.Current routine: more Blogilates, running 30 min/day, stretching
.Things to do: try to add more vegetables soups/liquids into my meals, don't eat too much sweets/processed foods, get compression socks, get more sleep U.U

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