Thursday, July 31, 2014

/Lenses/ GEO Flower Plum Green Circle Lenses

this was purchased by me.
Hello! It's another circle lens review. I bought almost a year ago and just opened them recently. These are my first pair of green lenses and I thought summer would be the perfect time to wear them.

It's important to always consult your ophthalmologist and optometrist to check if lenses are safe for you.
I bought these lenses from when they were on sale for $8/pair, but these Flower Plum (AKA Coco) lenses are all sold out. You can still get them at for $19.90 (the site is also having a promotion right now for buy 2 get 1 free, their choice of lenses, or buy 3 get 1 one free, your choice of lenses)

Like the brown version of this lens I reviewed before, these feature the same design of a flower petal pattern surrounding the pupil. The only difference is that the petals are green. These are 15mm in diameter so they'll definitely make your eyes look big and can be used for up to 12 months. I checked the authenticity they were authentic GEO lenses, opened the vials, and soaked the contacts overnight in a solution. I was a little worried that I'd look strange with green eyes, but I went ahead and tried them the next day. Here are my normal eyes, dark brown and not that big.

natural light

I didn't know if the green would show up on my eyes and I was happy to see that it did.

natural light

It's very prominent in the flash picture that my eyes have become green.

with flash

The green comes across as rather natural and help to enhance the size of my eyes. These lenses are very comfortable, I can easily wear them 7-8 hours without any discomfort and I forget they're in my eyes. As pretty as my eyes look and as natural as I claim these can be, there's still something about the design that comes off as being really fake, dolly eyes. I think it's the color...I think lenses like this that don't match my eyes much are best left for something like cosplay and or special occasions. They're not everyday lenses, though sometimes I wear them like they are...(especially since it's still summer!)

close-up of one eye in natural light

From farther away, the green isn't so noticeable. My eyes are certainly bigger, though, and these circle lenses give me the chance to see what I would look like with green eyes.

whole face look

My experience with Korea Big Eyes was ok. The price for the lenses was great, but the additional shipping price and the time it took to get to me in the mail (a little over two weeks). I've shopped on that site for a year and have never experienced anything bad happening. I can never resist their prices.

.opaque/visible color
.not too expensive
.enlarges eyes

.a little fake looking
.sometimes difficult to find this design

bright young person loves it

this much.


  1. Thank you for this review!
    I've been looking around for reviews on the Plum series (especially the green and blue) and I must say that these look so nice! *_* I have decided now to get the green pair myself too! Thank you!

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    1. I'm glad my review was helpful to you! I'm sorry I didn't respond to you sooner as I'm adjusting to life in a new country. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I'll be sure to check out yours as well ~(^u^~)