Wednesday, August 6, 2014

/Diet/ Week 4

It's time for my weekly diet update. First things first, I'm going to tell you all straight up, this diet is not going so well. I've been eating more, I think, and eating food that I shouldn't be eating...I also got sick this week. I got a fever and went to the doctor. I ended up being diagnosed with a flu caused by a virus (~TT A TT)~

I'm still recovering from being sick. During the most intense sick days, I didn't feel like moving so it was difficult to get up and exercise. I did a few Blogilates workouts and I tried to do my 30 mins of cardio when I started to feel better. After seeing the doctor and being sick this week, I was reminded of the importance of being hydrated. I needed to drink a lot of water with the medication I received.

I drank normal water and Perrier water and I ate soup. I like Perrier or other mineral waters because the carbonation in them makes you feel full. I think these are great to drink during diets because you don't feel hungry and you stay hydrated. As of today, I weigh 118 lb/53.5 kg. I'm so excited I lost a pound~but I don't know if it's going to stay that way or go down. I really want to get a new, digital scale because the one I used before broke and the old, manual one I've been using is difficult to read...Anyway, I look forward to staying on track to lose weight. I'll also be gone for the next week because I'm going to Chicago for a wedding and to see people (like my boyfriend). When I get back I promise to get more reviews posted. I know I really need to..

.Weight: 118 lb/53.5 kg
.BMI: 20.9
.Current routine: Blogilates, 30 minutes of running, drinking more water/liquids, eating more vegetables
.Goals: I want to try the soup and salad dinner routine when I get back from my trip. I also want to get more intense cardio/running into my workout routine

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