Wednesday, August 27, 2014

/Make-up/ Wet n Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner

this was purchased by me.

I bought this eyeliner a few months ago and recently started using it. Rite Aid was having a deal on all Wet n Wild products like 40% off or something to that effect so I was like, "Oooh, I want to try this! It's so cheap..." hoping that the product itself would work well. Having tried it for a while, I'm ready to tell you all about this eyeliner.

This liquid eyeliner sells for $2.99 (!!!) for 12 fl oz/ 3.5 ml of product. I was able to get it for a slightly cheaper price as my local drugstore was having a sale. The color I have is Dark Brown with five other colors available in the Mega Liner collection. On the website this eyeliner is described as "Easy-to-control liquid liner has a fine, flexible brush for precise application. Rich, fluid formula dries fast and stays put to subtly enhance or dramatically define."
The packaging says this eyeliner will help you "Be the girl with the eyes. Create dramatic eye emphasis in a single stroke. This long-wearing, quick drying formula applies smoothly and evenly for instantly bigger and bolder eyes." Here's the list of ingredients:

This is also a cruelty-free product:

yay \(^U^)/

The Mega Liner eyeliner has a very fine-tipped brush, perfect for getting close to the lash line.

The brush can easily make thin or thick lines. Here's a swatch of the eyeliner. I know it looks like the liner is black, but it is a very, dark brown.

Let's see what it looks like on the eyes! Here are my eyelids without any make-up:

natural light

This is my eyes with eyeshadow on:

natural light

This is what my eyes looked like with the eyeliner lining my lashes:

natural light

And the complete eye look topped off with mascara:

natural light
wearing GEO flower plum brown circle lenses

I like how it was easy to apply and make a thin line across my lids. As easy as this is to use, I don't think I'd recommend this to someone just starting out with eyeliner. For people who've been lining lids for a while (like 6 years in my case), this is great to use and it dries really quickly, framing the eyes to make them look bigger. I've worn this eyeliner all day, over 8 hours, and it doesn't flake or smudge. This stuff stays where you draw it on until you want to take it off.

natural light
total look

I was really impressed with the quality of this eyeliner because it has such a low price. It applies easily with a completely opaque line and it lasts all day. This is not water-proof, though there is a water-proof version of it, and this easily comes off with soap/cleanser with water or a make-up remover. I'm definitely collecting more colors from Wet n Wild's Mega Liner liquid liner range, like the black sparkle, the indigo blue and the plum.

.available online and in most drugstores
.easy to apply
.opaque color
.quick dry time
.no fading/flaking/smudging
.stays on until you remove it

.packaging is not that great (the brush handle on mine is cracked....)

bright young person loves it

this much.

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