Monday, September 1, 2014

/Diet/ Week 7

Wow, I can't believe I'm into my seventh week of this diet. I look in the mirror and I think I look the same, but the weight scale says differently. I apparently lost about 4 pounds this week. (⁎❛ ꒩ુ ❛⁎) !!!
I'm not sure what I did to lose that weight, but I'm happy. It might have been healthier eating habits, like actually eating soup and salad for dinner, drinking so much water, or doing one Blogilates workout a day focusing on different parts of the body. It's painful doing Blogilates and it really makes me sweat so I'll be glad when I see results.

As working out can be difficult to keep up everyday, I like to keep myself motivated.

I bought these shorts from American Apparel two weeks ago when there was a sale on sale (it's still on sale, 30% off all sale items, 40% sale items if you're a Le Club member like me, and I'm certain to purchase more clothes). Soo, these are actually unisex shorts and the description suggested that women size down for a better fit, which I did, but I neglected to try these on in store and they were too small. Like two sizes way too small. Anyway, since the shorts were on sale and nonreturnable/refundable, I've resolved to keep then and one day (soon...?) fit into them comfortably (like slightly loose on my hips and legs). Diet advice of the week: be motivated with incentives! Once you reach your goal it'll be so satisfying to attain your awards for your hard work. ^^

.Weight: 115 lb/52.2 kg
.BMI: 20.4
Current routine: Lots and lots of drinking water, doing Blogilates daily, eating more salads/vegetables
.Goals: fit into those AA shorts, work out different parts of my body, eat more soup and vegetables, and ( know I keep saying this, but I don't really do it) do more cardio.

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