Thursday, September 4, 2014

/Make-up/ Love & Beauty Lip and Cheek Stain in Coral

this was purchased by me.

Fall has finally arrived~ I will miss summer, but I look forward to the fall because it means my birthday is coming up and then there are all the holidays...Anyway, to keep a little bit of summer with me all through the colder seasons, I picked up this bright coral lip and cheek stain from Forever 21. Let's take a closer look.

This product sells for $3.80 for .317 oz/9 ml at Forever 21 (it's only available in Rose online at the moment). That's right, $3.80.

For me this was a pure impulse buy. I didn't plan to buy it originally, but I saw it and I was like, "Yes, I need this!" So I bought it. I think the price really swayed me to buy it. On the website, this "Lip and Cheek Stain provides the perfect amount of sheer, subtle color." It's not tested on animals and features a twist off cap, sort of like nail polish, with a brush applicator.

Here's the list of ingredients:

I picked the Coral over the Rose color because I'm having an orange moment and this looks like something I would wear more often. I also liked that it had milky look to it, as if it would be softer and more pastel when applied. Here are swatches of one swipe of the brush on my arm v. one swipe brushed on my arm and blended out.

natural light

The consistency of the lip and cheek stain is a little thick, almost like a gel. This Love & Beauty one smells really sweet and fruity. On the Forever 21 website there was a reviewer who said it smelled like bubblegum and it really does. I don't really like it and the smell lasts a while before disappearing so keep that in mind if you're thinking about trying this.

As this is a stain, the swatches left a mark ob my arm after I wiped them off. I was surprised at first, but I realized that the product was supposed to do that so I was happy that it was living up to it's name.

Looking back I probably should have used the cheek and lip stain at the same time in the same look, but I didn't. Anyway, this is the product used as a cheek stain. We start off with a bare cheek.

natural light

Then we add a little of the cheek stain, I used three swipes of the brush.

natural light

Blend it. I blended by patting it with my fingers.

natural light
Add a another layer of cheek stain & blend to get your desired intensity of color. (I used two layers.)


It gives a very subtle flush, which I like, but the product is buildable. This is my total face look right after I applied the cheek stain.

On the same day, about 6 hours later, I was happy to see that the cheek stain was still visible on my cheeks. It looked like a slight flush.

natural light
yes, i changed my shirt

Here's what this looks like on lips. For comparison, let's start with plain lips.

Here I've applied the lip stain to the inner part of my lips.

This is one layer bended on my lips. It creates a pretty, diffused tint of coral on my lips.

I wanted a more intense color on my lips so I added another layer and blended it. Here's the result:

The color is more intense and looks more pink, but it's visible. On the kips, the stain isn't very hydrating nor is it drying. It lasts well through drinking, but not so much with eating. This is a total face look with the lip stain.

natural light

For the price, this is a decent two in one face product. It shows up a little on my skin tone and I have to build it up in order for it to be seen. I like that it's cruelty-free and looks natural, but I find the super sweet scent too overwhelming. This isn't something that I would make a permanent part of my make-up kit, but it's nice to try and it's a good multi-tasker if you're in a pinch or traveling.

.stains well, better on the cheeks, and lasts nearly all day
.nice packaging

.overwhelming sweet scent
.needs multiple layers to be visible on my skin
.not a very good stain for lips

bright young person love it

this much.

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