Thursday, September 25, 2014

/Nails/ NYC In a New York Minute Grand Central Station Quick Dry Nail Polish

this was purchased by me.

I've been looking for a good topcoat because the one I've been using isn't that great (it looks great at first, but it creates bubbles and doesn't protect my manicure well). I prefer shiny nails as opposed to matte nails; I just think it looks more flattering...Anyway, I picked up this nail polish at Rite Aid a few months ago since I heard good things about it as a top coat and I wanted to try it out. After using it for a few nail jobs, I'm ready to review it.

The New York Color nail polish is $1.99 for .33 fl oz/9.7 ml of polish. It's available at most drug stores and stores in general (like Target, Wa-Mart, etc.), but I can't seem to find anywhere that sells it online right now...Anyway, on the NYC website, this product is described as a
"slick, glossy polish that goes from wet to set in less than 60 seconds with a special control-flow brush that dispenses just the right amount of color for perfect application…even if you need to apply while heading across town in a taxi. Be vibrant, be brilliant and be bright for less."

It has these benefits
.Formula dries in less than 60 seconds
.Easy-to-use flat brush for ultra-fast application
.Intense pigments for brilliant color
.UV filters prevent color fading

The key ingredients that make this nail polish special are calcium, magnesium and iron. This is the complete list of ingredients:

Before buying this, I looked thorugh all the other bottles to see if the brushes were even and straight. Many of them looked splayed, even this one, so I was a little worried this would affect the application. Luckily, once the brush is taken out of the polish all the bristles are straight

The brush allows for smooth application and even covers the whole nail in a 3-4 strokes. It dries very quickly, less than a minute, but I let is sit on my nails for about 5 minutes as a top coat to make sure everything dries and is sealed in. It leaves a nice, shiny finish over manicures which I like.

To test how well this NYC clear polish works as a top coat, I used it over my manicure (featuring Beauty Rescue Lounge's Ani) and decided to leave it on for a week. Here's what my nails looked like when right after painting them.

It was shiny and smooth and really nice. A week later, my manicure looked like this:

I have quite a bit of tip wear and the my natural nail is visible at the base because it grew some, but the overall effect of the manicure is still nice. The nails are shiny and the color is mostly intact. I'm very pleased and impressed with the results. With great performance and a low price, NYC's In a New York Minute Grand Central Station nail polish is definitely a new nail polish staple.

.readily available in most stores
.keeps manicures shiny for a week
.smooth application
.quick drying

.slightly less nail polish in the bottle than normal (.33 fl oz vs. .5 fl oz)
.doesn't protect nail tips very well

bright young person loves it

this much.

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