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/Lips/ L'Oreal Nude Ballet & Rose Symphony Extraordinaire by Colour Riche

this was purchased by me.

I bought these lippies many months ago, like, before summer started. I really did. I was interested by the way the look of the packaging and the names of the shades (they all include different musical/dancing/Italian terms). I've been playing with these lip products for a while and I'm ready to tell you what I think.

This lip product costs around $9 for .18 fl oz/5.5ml. The description from the L'Oreal website:

"Transform lips from ordinary to extraordinary. Color is richer, lip surface is smoother and shine is magnified. Formulated with precious micro-oils and rich color pigments, Extraordinaire provides the ideal balance of color and care for perfect lips. The unique soft-touch applicator allows for a silky-smooth, gliding application."

I picked two different colors: Nude Ballet & Rose Symphony.

Much like the Maybelline Color Elixir I reviewed earlier, this has a fuzzy-coated doe foot applicator. It looks a little strange, but it applies the product smoothly on the the lips

top: Nude Ballet, bottom: Rose Symphony

Nude Ballet is a warm, pinky beige color and Rose Symphony is a vibrant watermelon pink. The list of ingredients is also listed on the L'Oreal webpage for this product. Here are some swatches

nude ballet, rose symphony

It's an interesting product to use. It applies like a lip gloss/liquid lipstick and stays glossy for about three hours and it eventually dries down into a nice stain. This has a pleasant fruity,floral scent which is quite strong. I like it, but I can be too overwhelming and I don't think the scent matches the Nude Ballet color very well (I wish it had a vanilla or caramel-y aroma instead).
Let's see how these look on the lips. First is the shade Nude Ballet. To compare, here are my lips without anything on them.

natural light

here are my lips with an application go the Extraordinaire by Color Rich Nude Ballet.

natural light

My lips are noticeably shinier and have become a more nude/tan color. It feels comfortable on the lips, very hydrating, but because this color is so pales it can accentuate lip lines. Here's a total look with this lip product:

I think it would go much better with a darker/smokier eye look and this kind of washes me out....Anyway, onto Rose Symphony! These are my bare lips again:

natural light

Here are my lips with Rose Symphony:

natural light

Shiny pink lips! ♪ My dreams have come true ♬ !! In real life, this color is so much more brighter and bold. On me it really helps to liven my face up. Here's a total look with using this lip color:

I adore this color on me. I still find it a little too bright to wear out, even if I apply a very thin layer on my lips.

Overall, I like the formula and staying power of this lip product. It's like a lip balm/gloss/stain all in one. The darker colors really stain the lips after the shine has worn off. The color can last well over 5 hours, but the glossiness goes away in about 3 hours. I do think the scent of this product can be strong and it lingers on the lips for several minutes before finally going away. This is a little pricey for a drugstore product, but it performs as well as a high end product costing 3x as much. Aside from that, I want to get a few more Extraordinaire by Colour Riche lippies and recommend others to try this, especially if you like glossy lips and vibrant colors.

.noticeable, bright color
.available in most drugstores/general stores
.nice, expensive-looking packaging
.long lasting shininess & color

.expensive for a drugstore lippie
.strong scent
.lighter colors settle into lip lines

bright young person loves it

this much.

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