Friday, August 15, 2014

/Hair/ L'Oreal Excellence Creme Light Brown

this was purchased by me.

Hello~ I just returned from Chicago. It was nice, surprisingly cooler than I expected. I had a very pleasant time ^u^

Before I left for my week-long trip, I colored my hair using this L'Oreal dye. I wanted to make sure my hair was at least even before attending the wedding there and I happened to have coupons for this brand so this is what I picked up. Let's see how it turned out for me.


Since my hair is so long these days and because the last time I dyed my hair one box wasn't enough to cover it all, I bought two boxes of dye. It costs about $8/box and can be found at many local stores. L'Oreal's Excellence creme formula has a "triple protection system to reinforce the internal structure of hair and help protect from damage". This dye comes with a pre-color serum, color creme, developer, conditioner, gloves, instructions, and a comb applicator tip.

Here are the ingredients for the colorant, developer, and conditioner:

The color I chose was Natural Brown. It's supposed to be a neutral color, neither warm or cool. I normally choose ashy colors because I don't want my hair to turn reddish, but I wanted to try something different to even out my hair color. As a neutral brown it won't neutralize any brassiness. This is the color chart.

I was secretly hoping my hair would become a little lighter, but I knew that it wouldn't. Onto the results! Here is my hair before the coloring:

natural light

with flash

You can see how my hair is really uneven and patchy from the middle to the ends. I was hoping this dye could fix that to give my hair a uniform color. It's strongly suggested that you do a patch test on your skin at least 48 hours before coloring to determine whether or not you're allergic to the dye. I...disregarded this. I've used this product before without any adverse results so I figured it would be ok to go ahead without testing. Also, I waited until the last minute so I needed to color as soon as possible. I applied the pre-color serum to the ends of my hair which is supposed to protect them and make sure it gets colored evenly. I left it on for about two minutes, as suggested, before I mixed the colorant and developer together to put on my hair. I was actually sick at the time when I colored my hair and I couldn't smell anything because my nose was blocked. Once in a while I cold catch some of the fumes from the dye and my eyes watered a bit. I used two boxes to cover all my hair and waited 30 minutes before I rinsed and conditioned. Here's what it looked like afterwards:

natural light

natural light

with flash

I was a little disappointed that my hair got darker, especially the ends, but at least the color looks more even which is what I was hoping for. My hair felt a little stiff after the coloring process and it felt that way for a few days after. There was also a lingering chemical odor in my hair from the dye that lasted a few days, too. It's been about two weeks since I dyed my hair and now it feels pretty normal and healthy.

natural light

I like that my hair looks really natural. This color wasn't the best choice, but the results were good. I'm eager to go lighter again, though, so I can't wait to dye my hair again.

.even coloring
.easy to find in stores
.hair feels soft and looks shiny after a week

.strong chemical odor that lasts in hair for a while
.makes hair feel stiff and dry
.needs two boxes to cover long hair
.results are darker than expected

bright young person loves it

this much.

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