Monday, November 17, 2014

/Lenses/ GEO Bella Brown Circle Lenses

this was purchased by me.

I finally made a purchase from Pinky Paradise! I bought this pair of GEO Bella brown lenses along with another pair, which I will review later, during their free shipping promotion in September. I've been wanting to try these lenses for a while because they look very natural and there have been favorable reviews on them. After wearing the Bella Brown lenses for a few weeks, here are my thoughts on them.

I was a little nervous about how long the shipping would take because this was my first time buying something from Pinky Paradise. It took a little over to weeks for my package to arrive, which wasn't so bad. Pinky Paradise sells these lenses for $19.90/pair. It comes in powers of 0.00 to -8.00. I was able to get lenses in my prescription of -1.00.

Like all GEO lenses, there re authenticity stickers on the vials so you can check if they are real GEO lenses at (mine were authentic).

The design on the lens features a soft, pixilated brown ring on the edge with alternating thin & thick spikes of dark brown and hazel going towards the center.

After having a bad experience with GEO's Xtra Bella Brown lenses, I was worried I might have the same problem with these. Well, after inspecting the lenses before opening the vial (they seemed undamaged), I opened them and soaked the lenses in solution overnight so I could wear the lenses the next day. For comparison, here are my normal eyes without circle lenses.

When I put the lenses in, they were a little uncomfortable. I had to clean them a few times before putting them back in my eye, but as the day passed there wasn't anymore discomfort. Here are my eyes with the lenses on:

natural light

with flash

There is a slight enlargement of my eyes, as this is only 14mm, and the hazel towards the center of the lens lightens up my eye a bit. This is my whole face look with the Bella Brown lenses:

I like that these lenses give a very subtle enlargement and color enhancement. It's very natural and would make a great first pair for people just getting into circle lenses. As much as I like these, I think they look a little too natural on me and I would prefer to wear something with a little bigger diameter, like 14.5 mm. My first shopping experience with Pinky Paradise was really nice. The checkout format is easy to follow and customer service is good (I emailed them about the availability of a lens and they got back to me within two days). They have a great selection of circle lenses, beauty & skincare products, and accessories on their website. I think I'd purchase from there again, probably during a free shipping promotion because I don't want to pay an extra $6 to get my purchases shipped to me.

.natural looking color and diameter
.easy to put on
.not too expensive
.brightens eye color
.available in a wide range of prescriptions

.a little uncomfortable when first worn
.dries out eyes at the end of the day
.diameter a little too small for my preference

bright young person loves it

this much.

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