Sunday, December 7, 2014

/Diet/ Weeks 17 & 18

I'm still working on this diet/fitness thing. I would say it's going decent as I've been mostly sticking to it for the last 5 months. I will say that the exercising part has become more routine and easier with Blogilates. I started following her monthly calendars last month, the beginner one, and now I just started the regular one for this month.

The workouts for the regular calendar are much more difficult and painful, but I do my best to finish them all. I feel my body getting stronger and I was glad to discover I've lost about 1" around my calves. Those leg exercises are doing something after all. In terms of diet with food, I think I'm doing better. I'm more conscious about what I eat and I eat less of things. This past Thanksgiving wasn't as bad as previous years when I would basically eat all day. I'm a little worried about my upcoming trip to Chicago...I want to stick to my workout schedule and eat healthy, but it's going to be difficult when I have family and friends to see. I have to try though.

.Weight: 117.5 lb/53.3 kg
.BMI: 19.5
.Current Routine: Blogilates workouts, stretching, running when I can, eating less
.Goals: Finish this month's Blogilates Calendar, eat more healthy (esp. vegetables)

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