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/Lips/ Maybelline Quenched Baby Lips Lip Balm

this was purchased by me.

Before the year ends, I'd like to squeeze in another review. I have another lip product here and this time it's a lip balm from Maybelline's Baby Lips line. I picked up the shade Quenched (005) which is a clear because I wanted a lip balm I could use daily without worrying about color or sparkles on my lips, but would provide enough hydration for me. I also liked that this lip balm has an SPF of 20 to protect my lips during the day. After about 3 months of using this, I'm ready to share my thoughts in it with you.

This sells for around $3-4 and has .15 oz/4.4 g of product in the tube. On the Maybelline website, this is described as "No more basic lip balm. Our exclusive formula moisturizes lips for a full 8 hours. Lips are renewed after 1 week" and apparently "it's clinical care for baby-soft lips!"
As this particular formula has SPF, it features these two ingredients to act as sunscreen.

Here is the complete list of the other ingredients in the lip balm:

Well, despite all those wonderful claims, how does this actually feel on the lips, you ask? Let's have a look.
First here are my lips, looking dry as ever, without anything on them.

Here I applied one layer of the Baby Lips balm on my lips.

It goes on smoothly and my lips immediately feel hydrated and comfortable. This product has a fresh citrus scent that gradually disappears once on the lips. It's not too bothersome to me, I think it smells pleasant (even though it wasn't what I expected it to smell like), but if you don't particularly like lemon-y or citrus scents this may not be for you. My lips stay moisturized for around 2 hours before I feel like I need to swipe on another layer of Baby Lips. That's about 6 hours shy of Maybelline's claim of Baby Lips hydrating lips for 8 hours. Maybe it's because there's sunscreen in the ingredients...I don't know really, but this doesn't keep my lips hydrated anywhere near 8 hours. It's a nice lip balm for the day and it works decent when worn overnight (my lips still felt a little dry in the morning).If you don't mind reapplying every once in a while this would be good for you.
Here's a whole face look I did with Quenched on my lips.

natural light

This Baby Lips balm was ok for me. It was nice to have in my bag during the day for quick swipes, but it didn't really deliver in terms of long term moisturizing. I'm still curious to try other Baby Lips formulas and see if they work better on my lips. I really like the packaging, such pretty colors, and it's so easy to apply on the go.

.available in most stores and online
.easy to carry around
.easy application
.goes on smoothly
.has SPF

.doesn't hydrate for 8 hours
.my lips don't feel that renewed after 1 week and continued weeks of use

bright young person loves it

this much.

P.S.: Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a wonderful new year~ There are so many new things to look forward to and try and I thank everyone who's visited my blog, even just for a second, because I do this all for visitors and possible fans. Thanks so much and please continue to check out my blog :D!!!

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