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/Lips/ Wet n Wild Don't Blink Pink Mega Last Lip Color

this was purchased by me.

When browsing at a Rite Aid one day I stumbled upon this lipstick from Wet n Wild. I've been more interested in this brand since it's very affordable and most of the products I've used from this line are pretty good. I picked up a lipstick because it was one of the things I haven't tried yet and I can't resist lippies. As I've had this a few months, I feel ready to share my thoughts with you.

This costs $1.99 for .11 oz/ 3.3 g of product. Rite Aid has regular sales on Wet n Wild so you might be able to find this lipstick for a cheaper price. On the Wet n Wild website, the Mega Last Lip Color is described as

"Lips take center stage! This 4-hour, longwearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke. Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn't cake, feather, or bleed. Made with hydrating skin-care ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips, an exclusive polymer complex offers cushion-like feel and texture, and natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E help smooth lips."

The color I picked, Don't Blink Pink, is a vibrant warm toned fuchsia. I wasn't sure how pigmentation on these lipsticks were so I chose a darker color that I thought would show up on my lips. Here's a swatch:

oh, so much color!

I was surprised that it was extremely pigmented. That's one swipe! That alone makes me curious to try lighter colors to see if the pigmentation is at the same level. Ingredients can be found here. Let's see what this looks like on the lips. These are my plain lips, prepped with a bit of lip balm.

natural light

This is what my lips looked like with one layer of the Mega Last Lip Color.

natural light

The lipstick went on fairly smoothly, but I blended it out with my finger to get a more uniform color on my lips. The lipstick has absolutely no fragrance at all which is great for people sensitive to scents or for those who don't like their lip products to have scents. It feels lightly moisturizing on the lips once applied, but it does feel drying as its worn throughout the day. I like that this is very true to color from the bullet to the lips. Wet n Wild wasn't joking about this being mega lasting either. My lips stayed the same color with a slight sheen for about four hours. The lipstick then left a stain on my lips for another three hours. Something like this needs make-up remover to be taken off completely so if you're looking for a long wear lip color line this would be a good choice at a very good price. Here's my full face look:

natural light
This was a nice find. The color brightens my face, but I have to admit I'm still a little scared to wear colors this bold out in public. The only thing I really don't like about this is the packaging. The top of the lipstick bullet sticks out of the tube a bit and the cap is long (like2/3 the length of the entire lipstick) so sometimes when I open it I end up smearing some of the lipstick on the cap. I'm sure this issue won't be so bad once I use enough lipstick so it doesn't stick out.
I want to try more colors from this range and see if they yield similar results. This is something great to try, especially if you want to try a trendy color because they're so cheap.
On a quick note: I'll be going to Chicago tomorrow for my cousin's wedding this weekend. I probably won't be able to post on my blog while I'm gone, but you can check out my twitter for pictures or snippets of any exciting information. I'll try to get some posts in when I return, but I have to go on another trip around the time I get back so...we'll see.

.available in most drugstores
.wide selection of color
.true to lipstick color on lips
.very pigmented
.long lasting
.contains slightly more product than most lipstick

.feels drying throughout the day
.poor packaging

bright young person loves it

this much.

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