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/Hair/ John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss for Cool Brunettes

this was purchased by me.

It's been a while since I last colored my hair, over a month actually, and I wasn't really in the mood to use a boxed dye again. I noticed my hair was looking lackluster, dry, and quite frankly a little orange. I had heard a few things about hair glosses and I had used one before to make my hair shiny, so I decided to try another gloss in lieu of coloring. John Frieda's new line of color refreshing glosses caught my eye and I was fortunate to have a coupon for $3 off so I picked one up and tried it.

This hair gloss is costs around $14 (it's even cheaper online!) for 6 fl oz/117 ml of product. There's supposed to be enough gloss to be used once a week for 6 weeks. I'm glad I had a coupon, but it still cost a lot more than what I'm willing to paying for hair products. My reasoning behind the purchase was the fact that I'd be using it at least six weeks and that the effects of the gloss would last up to a week. Also, it would be cheaper than getting it done at a salon.
I chose the color gloss for cool brunettes because I wanted to minimize the red and orange tones in my hair.

the color on the box is much more cooler than this picture may lead you to believe...

Some claims made on the box: "Colour Refreshing Gloss refreshes the tones of colour-treated hair between salon or at-home colouring, regardless of which brand you use to colour your hair", "Our patented technology refreshes hair's vibrancy in between colourings by replenishing lost tones so your colour looks fresh, like first-day colour". It seemed like the right thing for my hair. I was hoping it was. So here's what was inside the box:

I was pleasantly surprised there was a coupon included. I've been interested in Joh Frieda hair color, but the price turned me off from buying it.
The product comes in a twisty-cap bottle (kind of like a soda bottle) and you squeeze the gloss out. It has a cool, brown hue, it looks like chocolate sauce, and a jelly-like texture. The gloss has a very heavy floral scent. It's so strong that it can be smelled even when the bottle is closed.

So, how does this work on hair? Let's have a look. This is my hair before the treatment:

natural light

with flash

It looks really orange...I followed the direction on the bottle, which were to apply 3-5 quarter-sized amounts of product after shampooing and conditioning and squeezing excess water out of the hair. The hair needs to be evenly saturated with gloss. I washed my hands with soap (this will stain stained my hands and forehead a bit). It said to leave on for 3 minutes, but I kept it on for a little longer. This is what my air looked like afterwards:

natural light


I honestly couldn't tell the difference between my before hair and my after hair. The gloss made my hair feel softer and look shinier, but it lacked the cooler tones I had been hoping for. Upon closer inspection, however, my hair did go through a change.


As evident in this side-by-side comparison, my hair is a little darker and more of a true brown after the glossing. This product works very subtly; the tone in my hair is slightly cooler than before.

I'm not sure if I'd repurchase this. It's kind of expensive for somethingI'd spend on hair and it doesn't deliver spectacular results for me. I do like that my hair looks and feels better after the treatment, but i feel like there are cheaper products that can deliver similar results.

.makes hair soft & shiny
.nice scent
.slightly changes the tone of my hair

.expensive for a drugstore product
.stains skin
.scent can be overwhelming
.adjust tone very, very little

bright young person loves it

this much.

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