Friday, April 18, 2014

/Make-up/ Etude House Dear Girls Be Clear BB Cream

this was given to me as a gift

I remember mentioning this BB cream almost a year ago, when my mom returned from her trip to South Korea and brought me back some Etude House products. Although I had just asked her for some of the Bright Fit BB Creams, she also got me this Dear Girl's BB Cream because a sales person recommended it based on my skin type. I've been trying this on and off for months and here are my thoughts.

This BB cream has 1.05 oz/30 g of product. I can't find it anymore on the Etude House website so it might be discontinued (!!!)....However, it's available for purchase on websites like Amazon ($39.99) and Pretty and Cute ($14.99). This is supposed to contain natural ingredients (vitamins & organic stuff) that's good for the skin. This is the ingredient list. It's surprisingly very, very extensive.

one shot is not enough to show all ingredients

The BB cream comes in pink packaging with a girly motif on the front. It features a pump dispenser that I like for hygienic reasons.

The texture of this product is really like a true cream, as it's so thick and not very fluid, compared to the other Etude House BB cream I reviewed. This also smells much nicer than the other BB cream; it has a soft, clean scent with floral notes. It doesn't linger once applied to the face. Here is a swatch of the Dear Girls BB cream.

It only comes in one color and it's quite a bit lighter than my skin tone. According to the packaging, this product is described as follows:
"With its soft application, this dual effect whitening + UV protection BB Cream promotes youthful skin with its natural coverage that conceals imperfections and uneven skin-tone."
Let's see how the BB cream looks on my face! This is me after washing, toning, medicating, treatment putting, moisturizing, and sunscreen putting.

morning face! in natural light

This is my face after applying BB cream. As you can see, the "whitening" effect takes place immediately. My face looks much brighter than before. It's not a look I go for all the time, but when I'm pale, especially in the fall/winter/beginning of spring, I often reach for this BB cream.

natural light

Here's my completed look (concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, highlighter, setting powder, lip) with this BB base:

natural light

I really like how it looks overall. My face will basically stay like this all day when I wear this BB cream. It works well on its own and with a primer. I prefer to put this on when my skin's a little more oily because this one gives a more matte look to the face. I quite like this product and I would try to get more of it if I ran out.

.good coverage
.matte finish
.compact size=good for travel
.pink packaging
.pleasant scent

.limited color range
.not very moisturizing
.difficult to find/possibly being discontinued

bright young person loves it

this much.

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