Sunday, October 26, 2014

/Diet/ Week 12

Oh my, I haven't been keeping up with this. I was very busy for the last 3 weeks almost when guests came over to stay and I wasn't keeping track of my diet. I was exercising a bit so I'm happy about that, but it wasn't nearly enough to make a difference. I've eaten so many things I shouldn't have or in quantities I'm not proud of and all I can do is start being cautious about what I eat again. Anyway, I'm pleasantly surprised to find out my weight is about the same after all that happened. I'm still doing Blogilates and drinking lots of water also still trying to incorporate more cardio in my workouts.

I want my legs to be slimmer already...well, I bought some compression socks again so I'll see how those work out and eventually do a post on them. I'm fearful of what's to come this holiday season...the end of the year can be a disastrous time for staying on diets. I'm already eating pre-Halloween candy. ~(>O<~)

.Weight: 118/119 lb, 53.5/54 kg
.BMI: 20.9/21.1
.Current Routine: Blogilates 2-3x daily, drinking lots of water, 30 min run
.Goals: slimmer calves with compression socks, more cardio, check out the Blogilates (for beginners?) calendar, smaller portioned & healthier meals

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