Wednesday, October 29, 2014

/Hair/ L'Oreal Preference Sun-Kissed Caramels Hi-Lift Natural Brown

this was purchased by me.

It's that time again for me to color my hair. It's been a while and I've been wanting to go lighter. I picked up this Hi-Lift color from L'Oreal at Target a few weeks ago. I was tempted to get the Hi-Lift Ash Brown, but I wanted to try something different so I went with the Natural Brown this time, which says it's a cooler toned shade on the box. Let's see how it turned out.

This costs between $9-10 at most stores (it's cheaper at Target, but it's not in stock there) and you can usually find coupons for this dye online which lowers the price a bit (I used a coupon to buy this). On the box, this hair dye is described as "Preference's Superior Fade-Defying Color and Shine System creates a rich long;sating color spectrum with luminosity, shine, an beautiful gray coverage. Luminous color shines from every strand and defies fade-out for up to 8 beautiful weeks." The conditioner also has ingredients to keep hair color vibrant, silky and strong. This also isn't supposed to fade out, be dull, or turn brassy.

Inside the box there are a colorant (color gel), developer (color optimizing creme), conditioner, gloves, and instructions.

Here are the ingredients of the aforementioned colorant, developer, and conditioner.

This is the color chart for reference. It appears to lighten hair a lot and this dye has ash tones to cancel out brassiness.

I decided to color my hair last week and here's what it looked like before the coloring:

natural light

with flash

My hair appears to be a dark brown and with the flash you can see that the lengths to the ends of my hair are a little brassy. I mixed the color creme & color gel together and applied to my hair. I didn't do a patch test this time around, very bad of me I know, but I didn't feel anything terrible or have any bad reaction so I continued the coloring process. This dye has a very strong chemical scent to it. Throughout the time I was putting it on my hair it made my eyes water a little and I felt nauseous whenever I smelled the dye. One box was enough to cover my shoulder-length hair, but if you're hair is any longer or thicker you may need to use two boxes. Anyway, after all that I left the dye on for about 30 minutes before I rinsed it out & conditioned my hair, which made my hair feel silky and soft. This is what it looked like right after:

natural light

with flash

I was really disappointed with how dark my hair ended up. It looks darker than my before pictures, I think. I was afraid that my hair had turned out black, but it's just a very dark brown as you can see in the flash picture. For a hi-lift hair dye it didn't lift the color of my hair much at all. I was so upset (though it may be partly my fault for picking a darker hair dye). The one thing I'm glad about is that my hair is actually turned out cooler toned. It's not as orange-y as before and all the color is even. I was hoping the color would fade after washing my hair a few times, so here's my hair about a week later.

natural light/flash

I guess there isn't much change. I suppose this would be ok if you have dark hair and you're looking for a subtle change, but I was hoping for a lighter result. Oh well. I have to live with this dark brown hair for a few more weeks. Like two weeks, maybe, before I attempt lighter hair again.

total hair look!

.easy to find in most stores
.evened out my hair color
.hair felt soft after using coloring & using conditioner
.good for a very subtle change

.strong chemical smell
.hardly lifted the color of my hair
.lingering chemical smell in my hair one week after coloring

bright young person loves it

this much.

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