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/Hair/ Clairol Natural Instincts in Light Brown

this was purchased by me.

Before I leave for Korea this week (my goodness, that's coming up fast) I wanted to touch up my hair color. It's been almost a month and a half since I last dyed my hair and my roots are starting to show...I'd like to look presentable to my family and others (potential employers!?!) when I see them and leave a goof impression. I decided to pick up this non-permanent hair dye from Clairol because I've had good results with this in the past. Let's see how this color worked out for me.

The Natural Instincts range sells for around . This is a non-permanent hair dye that gradually fades after 28 shampoos. On the box this is described as "Natural Instincts with an Ammonia Free formula, gives you healthier-looking, radiant color and blends away gray in 10 minutes. Color lasts up to 6 weeks.".
I don't need to cover any grays yet so the idea of healthy, radiant hair is much more important for me. Since I want to keep my hair lighter as spring & summer approach, I decided to use this as the color will slowly wash out so I can use a hi-lift dye more effectively later. I also picked this color because I wanted to see if lighter shades don't turn out as dark. The last two dyes I tried left my hair much darker than I expected.

It comes with this inside:

(instructions and gloves still inside box)

Here are the ingredients for the things colorant, color activator, and conditioner.

Unfortunately, the box I bought had been leaking or something so I had to go back to the store and exchange it for another one.


With my new box of Natural Instincts, I was ready to color. This is my hair before using this product:

natural light/with flash

So you can see my hair is quite brown, a little orange-ish, from using L'Oreal's hi-lift ash dye. Then I began to apply this on my hair. What I love about Natural Instincts is that it smells really good. It has a sweet fruity scent which makes it very pleasant to use. The formula is more liquid-y than other hair dyes I've used so I needed to be careful when applying it. I accidentally spilled some of this on the bathroom floor which saddened me, but I was able to clean it off easily. One thing I don't understand is why the instructions say to apply this on damp hair...I just put this on dry hair. Another great thing about this is that you only have to leave this on for 10 minutes. I kept this on my hair for 9 minutes before washing it off and conditioning. Here's what my hair looked like after all that.

The results were fairly good. My hair is darker, but not too dark. It's a nice coffee brown, I think. I like it! I'm also pleased with the condition of my hair. It appears healthy and it felt softer and looked shiner than when I use traditional dyes. Here's my hair a few days later. Also, I got a haircut today so...that's why it looks all wavy like that.

new hair cut!

Natural Instincts is good if your hair is lighter and you'd like to go darker without the commitment of a permanent hair dye. It smells amazing and is easy to apply, though a little more liquid-y than other hair dyes. I will be purchasing this again whenever I want my hair to return to a darker shade.

.pleasant scent
.quick develop time on hair
.hair is left shiny
.gentle formula doesn't irritate skin

.turns out darker than on the box
.limited color selection in some stores
.may need more than one box for longer hair

bright young person loves it

this much.

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