Sunday, April 12, 2015

/Announcement/ Back Home & Future Plans

Hello! I've just returned from South Korea (I arrived yesterday afternoon)! I had a very interesting and fun time there, going around visiting family and exploring the cities. Also there was some shopping to be had.

slowly expanding my bootleg simpsons t-shirt collection...also some korean cosmetics!

Surprisingly, I don't feel very jet-lagged and I think I'm adjusting back to L.A. time well. It's nice to be back because I felt so cold while I was over there.
Anyway, my trip to Korea wasn't just for sightseeing and shopping, there was an actual purpose. So...I had interviews at two different English Academies in Busan during my time there. Both went well and my boyfriend and I were offered jobs, the only thing we had to do was decide where we which one we wanted to work at. Sooo that means I'll be living in Korea! For at least one year, I think. It's exciting and a little scary, but mostly exciting! That's the important news I wanted to share because I was so surprised to get job offers like almost immediately after the interviews.
I'll be back to blogging reviews and such soon so expect to see new posts~

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