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/Hair/ L'Oreal Paris Preference Les Blondissimes Extra Light Ash Blonde

I'm finally working on getting back to blogging. I thought that I'd be fine when I got back from Korea, but I started feeling a little ill and extremely tired. Now I've recovered, I think, so onto the review.

The first thing I wanted to do when I returned from Korea was deal with my hair color. I think it had been about six months since I used a permanent hair dye. After calculating that I can't believe it's been that long...Anyway, as spring is here I wanted to lighten up my hair so I decided to try out L'Oreal Preference's Les Blondissimes line. Let's see how my hair turned out after using it.

I actually bought this before I left the country as I had a coupon for it that was expiring. This usually retails for around $9 and comes with the following:

contents: color gel, color creme, conditioner, instructions & gloves

Les Blondissimes hair dyes are supposed to provide "ulta-lightening color" and [a] "shine system" which "creates a rice long-lasting color spectrum with luminosity, shine and beautiful gray coverage." This "defies fade-put for up to 8 beautiful weeks." It's basically like Prefence's Sun-Kissed Caramel line, but it lifts hair color more. Here is the shade guide from the box:

These are the list of ingredients for the color gel, color creme, and conditioner.

These is a disclaimer on the box saying this dye isn't recommended for use on hair previously colored to a shade darker than blonde, but as I've used this sort of hi-lift blonde dye before I believed it would be ok. The instructions also say to do a test patch at leas two days before coloring, which I didn't do...it didn't turn out so bad because I'm alive blogging about it later. Well, let's see how the dye worked on my hair. This was what it looked like before.

natural light

with flash

I applied the hair dye from the middle of my hair down towards the ends first, leaving my roots for last. This hair dye is extremely potent. It has a very strong chemical scent that really made me nauseous when I first smelled it. I wasn't bothered by it while I was putting the dye in my hair, though, and it didn't make my eyes water. I left the dye on my hair for 30 mins, rinsed it out, put on conditioner and rinsed again. Here's the result:

natural light

direct natural light

natural light vs. flash

It didn't exactly make me blonde.
It is an ash brown in natural light indoors, but it turns kind of orange in flash and direct light. The condition on my hair was ok; it didn't feel too damaged and it was smooth to the touch. I'm glad it was able to lighten my hair evenly and I didn't experience any irritation during the coloring process. I will say that afterwards, like a few days later, some of my skin started feeling itchy and it kind of swelled in some places. My eyes were the most irritated because my bands are always in them. It's happened before so I feel like I really need to do patch tests ahead of time, rinse out my hair completely, and protect my skin better when I color.

in direct sunlight outdoors

This would be a good option for anyone with really dark hair to lighten it up without bleach or going to the salon. It's an affordable option that works well. However, the results can turn a little brassy (it looks more orange-y in brighter light) and because it's a high-lift dye there are many chemicals that can upset the skin so that needs to be taken into consideration before putting this on your head. For me, the benefits of affordably, ease of application, and nicely lightened hair outshine the negatives. I'd use this again to get may hair like this again.

.easy to apply
.effectively lightens hair
.hair feels smooth and soft after coloring

.not easy to find in stores
.strong chemical smell
.can irritate skin (even after being rinsed off and using conditioner)
.doesn't lift really dark hair to blonde
.results are kind of brassy

bright young person loves it

this much.

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