Thursday, July 30, 2015

/Make-up/ New York Color Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara

this was purchased by me.

Hello! I don't know if any one remembers I'm supposed to be moving soon, but I am. There's quite a bit of paperwork I need to get done before hand so it's keeping me busy. Anyway, I thought I'd put up one more post before the end of the month. This is a mascara I've been using for a while and I'd like to share my thoughts on it with you ^^

This sells for around $2(!!!) for a .23 fl oz/7 ml tube. On New York Color website they claim this has the benefits of

.Lash Extend Technology increases the visible length of your lashes by up to 60%
.Instant lifting and stretching effect
.Duo Play Complex with Panthenol and vitamin E softens and strengthens lashes to add extra comfort
.Slim Precise Brush lifts and stretches lashes by 70%
.Ophthalmologist tested
.Suitable for sensitive eyes and lens wearers

The tube is long and slender making it great to tote around without taking up much space. The wand is nearly as long as the tube, but it's easy to work with and I've never had any problems using it. If you don't like mascaras with really long wands, though, you might not like this NYC one.

The brush is thinner than most mascaras and it slightly tapers towards the tip. The bristles are spaced out evenly between each other and spiral around the whole brush. It's able to catch most lashes and fan them out.
The mascara itself has no real fragrance. It simply smells like Here's the ingredient list.

Let's see how well this lengthens lashes! For reference here are my bare lashes without anything on them:

natural light

My lashes aren't visible at all as they tend to stick straight. This is what my lashes look like with one layer of the Sky Rise mascara on one of my eyes.

natural light

Without curling my eyelashes this mascara is able to lift them up. It does a good job at making my lashes appear longer. My eye also looks much bigger than the one without mascara.
This is what my eyes look like with mascara applied on both sets of lashes.

bat those lashes

I think this really helps to make lashes look lifted and longer as New York Color claimed it would do. The mascara doesn't weigh down lashes throughout the day so they stay up all day long. A major downside to this mascara is that tends to smudge after a few hours wear. On days when I wear this, I can see dark panda circles under my eyes in the mirror around the afternoon. The smudging ins't such a big deal for me and it's not so dramatic, so I'll continue to use and buy this mascara because it does what it's supposed to.

.available in most stores
.easy to use
.lifts & lengthens lashes

.wand may be too long to use easily for some

bright young person loves it

this much.

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