Thursday, June 6, 2013

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I know I haven't been updating this blog much. I meant too, there are numerous topics and things for me to discuss here, but I was honestly being a little lazy (and some of it was being busy with people). Anyway, my mom just returned from a nearly month-long trip to South Korea. She went because she had been invited to her high school reunion (it has been many years since she graduated high school). Whilst she was there, my mom was kind enough to stop by an Etude House store, a Korean beauty and skincare brand with stores on every corner in a Starbucks fashion (one of many brands), and pick up some BB creams for me.

etude house products given as a gift

Instead of a box or two of BB creams, I was surprised with what you see above. Apparently, the Etude House is all about the free gifts and samples with purchase.

She bought me three BB creams, two are Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fits (one is in Natural Beige, the other is Honey Beige) and the last one is a Dear Girls Be Clear BB Cream. I adore the packaging, it's so pretty and girly and not at all what one normally sees on western packaging.

These are the gifts with purchase. Here are two packages of sponges that have different sizes and shapes inside. The way these look remind me of bags of candy.

Just for good measure, they threw in a pouch, too. It can be used as a make-up or pencil bag and has different compartments on the inside. It's a very organized piece. Upon opening it, I had hoped it would smell of chocolate, but it did not.

These were the final, free products: sample sizes of Etude House's Go Back skin care line. Each little pack comes with a toner-ish product and a total solutions cream. I've been using it for this week and there have been no major adverse effects (I'm not sure I can check if my skin is going back in time yet or with the amount I'm trying). I will most likely talk about the BB creams in detail later. If you're interested in Etude House and don't live in a country where they have stores,you can check out Amazon for potential products to purchase.

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