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this product was purchased by me.

So, I lied when I said the next hair color I'd try would be from L'oreal. I'll admit to changing my mind often, even last minute, so I apologize for the sticking to Revlon. It's so difficult to resist the reviews on Hair Wiki (even without picture evidence because you just hope the product will work out for you) and this dye was under $5. I really had high expectations for this dye and cince it's been about a week since I colored my hair, I'd like to share my results.

As indicated on the box, this specific line of Colorsilk hair color is made for dark hair.

I should have picked a lighter color, though, but after reading a review of this, I thought, "Yes, this is the brown for me" as I didn't want to go too light and risk going brassy and such, which often occurred with the lighter hair dyes.

references one must never truly believe

According to the hair chart, my hair should turn a deep, hopefully noticeable, neutral brown in natural and indoor lighting (I was wishing for it to turn out as such). I had such high hopes. So, what happened?

what's inside! instructions, gloves, coloring stuff, developer, conditioner

This came with the standard stuff found in all Revlon Colorsilk products. I applied this normally, starting at the back of my hair and working up, doing the roots last. Hoping to intensify and make sure the color saturated every bit of my hair, I kept the dye on for an additional 10 minutes. During this whole ordeal, I watched Copper. It's on BBC America as well as Netflix and a very exciting historical crime thriller drama with a very attractive cast. I got hooked. Ok. I'm supposed to be talking about this hair dye.
For reference, this was my hair before, when it was just dyed with Revlon Colorsilk's Medium Golden Brown:

natural light, indoors

This is what my hair looked like immediately after washing out the dye, conditioning, and air drying.

natural lighting, indoors

It...looks the same. The only main difference I could possibly nit-pick is that my hair no longer has that tiny gold-ish tinge as opposed to the previous picture. I was still a little optimistic then, thinking my hair would fade a bit and get lighter with a few washes. Time lapse time! Does my hair get any browner?

3 days later, possibly with flash

one week later, natural lighting

I would say the browness is only apparent in the sun or in direct light. It seriously looks super dark still and I'm ready to take desperate measures to get lighter hair again (but at a much lower price point).

I was really disappointed in the results from using this dye. The Revlon Luminista line was basically no different than their normal Colorsilk for my hair. The pluses to this formula, though, would have to be that it's ammonia-free, easy to apply, doesn't irritate my scalp, and leaves my hair in tip-top shape after applying the conditioner. There's nothing great about this dye beyond those four qualities. Would I consider buying any other Luminista dyes in the future? Um. No. As cheap as it is, I don't want to keep buying boxes to get the result I could want and this was just a bad experience. I may have also botched this as I colored over previously dyed hair...and I should have probably gotten a lighter color. Again, I have to mention that I happen to have very, very thick and voluminous hair. And by thick I mean that the diameter of my individual strands are larger than normal or fine hair. This dye could work wonders on those of you with thinner hair, maybe not as jet black as mine, and if you haven't previously colored. I didn't much care for the results of this, though.

bright youg person loves it

this much

I hope this is helpful. I can never find good, reliable reviews on the internet about hair dye used on my type of hair. In really bad cases, there are no before and after pictures so you really have no idea if the same hair color will yield similar results. Anyway, I'm fine with being a guinea pig for the hair color curious out there (as I'm sure you know hair is too important in a girl's life).

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