Monday, June 24, 2013

/Style/ Zara Sale Swag

In case you didn't know, Zara started its S/S sale.

I chanced to visit a Zara store near me last Friday and found some very choice items. The first thing I picked out to actually purchase was this t-shirt.

I like it because 1) there's French on it ("to get dressed up") and 2) it comes with a pretty neck piece with sparklies. Here's close up.

I don't think I've ever mentioned my lust for a military-esque shirt or jacket on this blog (nor elsewhere on the internet...I suppose it was solely a mental note), but I've been looking for one since the three that I had from middle school mysteriously disappeared. I found this, just as I was about to pay for the shirt, and I knew it must be mine.

It fit well and looked nice...I imagined wearing this throughout the seasons with jeans and shorts and skirts and dresses...the versatility alone was warrant enough for me to get it. I was just looking for a good, authentic-looking military shirt and I found one.

beading, threading, and the like on the yoke

Lastly, I'd like to feature some cut-off shorts I also picked up at Zara, though not on sale. Remember when I said I'd rue the day I'd go another summer without a pair of these kind of shorts? Well, I finally got some and even though they weren't on sale, this pair fit better than the ones I tried on at the sore last Friday.

When put together, these clothes make a cute ensemble.

Zara is one of my favorite stores, as pricey as many of their items are, and I think, above anything else, I adore the shoes there. I have so many Zara shoes, even multiples of the same shoe in a different color, and none of them have broken on me yet.
If you like Zara or are just looking for new pieces to add to your summer wardrobe, check out stores or the e-shop to do some browsing.

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