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/Make-Up/ NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara

this product was purchased by me.

I'm well aware this blog has been...neglected for some time. For that, I must apologize for my essential laziness. It's a hard habit to break. Also, I took a short excursion to Las Vegas.
Today, I'm here to talk about a new mascara I picked up two or so weeks ago. Let's get talking.

This is New York Color's Big Bold Curl Mascara and can be found in drugstores/general stores (Target, Walmart, etc) for about $5. It's not an expensive drugstore product and it can be considered quite a bargain considering that amount you get: .40 fl. oz. (12ml) vs. .21-.28 fl.oz (6ml) in other mascaras, drugstore or high-end. That's nearly 2x more product (!), but it doesn't work out so well considering one should toss out mascara after 3 months.


made in england, kinda fancy

NYC claims this mascara will give

-12x more volume to the lashes
-99% more curl
-Quick drying volume, leaving lashes flexible and comfortable
-147% lash multiplying effect after just one stroke*
-No flaking, no smudging, no clumping*
*from the website

the curved brush

brush size comparison to CG super thick lash

Having worn this for a while, I don't think NYC actually delivered on all their claims, at least not from what I experienced. As you can see from the pictures above, the brush for this mascara is really big. It's just big and thick all around as opposed to the tapered brush of the CoverGirl mascara. The bristles are also farther apart and thinner. The first time I applied the NYC mascara, I truly didn't like it. There was no volumizing or curling and the size of the brush made it difficult for me to maneuver product onto my lashes. I was thoroughly upset. Not wishing to be completely turned off by one use, I kept using the mascara to see if I could improve the application (was it me or the mascara doing things wrong?).

plain lashes

mascara applied to the lashes on the left side

mascara on both lashes

The pictures above show the transformation the mascara give my eyes without the use of an eyelash curler. I used a few coast of this mascara, more than three, to get the look you see above. That isn't too abnormal as I do the same thing with other mascaras. I like how it didn't clump so much and that my lashes looked defined and moderately curled. I'm not sure if the mascara dried quick, but they didn't feel like they were so stiff they'd break off. After multiple uses, I didn't see an increase in volume or a lash multiplying effect. It could be better with the curling, too. There isn't anything super amazing about this mascara. It smells normal. It helps to subtly define my lashes. It's...ok. I was really hoping it would curl my lashes A LOT more then it tried to do. I get similar results when I use an eyelash curler...The one aspect that amazed me was its staying power. When I was in Las Vegas over the past weekend, I wore this mascara everyday when it was over 100°F out and very humid. This mascara did not melt or flake off, even though it isn't advertised as waterproof.

do my lashes look 12x more voluminous?

This is an adequate mascara. It's fine for everyday and lasts until you wish to remove it. Does it deliver on all the NYC claims? I say no. Would I purchase it again? Probably not. For me it didn't live up to the expectations advertised and I found the large brush cumbersome.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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