Monday, July 15, 2013

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I unabashedly love Daisy Lowe. She's like the ultimate best friend and the girl you dream about falling in love with (or at least being secret lovers with). Maybe that's just me in regards to the latter...I know I have a serious girl crush on Daisy. She spans the spectrum of cute, sexy, and badass so seamlessly. I don't remember how I learned about her. I just know that I started following a tumblr called Daisy Lowe Fan two or three years ago and became smitten with this lovely English model. She has the most mesmerizing smile, it's so genuine:

from via pasavectoi (with monty!)

It screams real happiness and pleasantries. I adore that smile. The other Daisy physical feature I absolutely love is her fringe. It's always perfectly set or mussed up and it covers just the right amount of her face to add that charming mystery I covet. She's also so super nice, replying to people on twitter and posing for picture with fans.
Among her cutesy, girl-next-doorsy, bfffl personas is the super sexy. She's posed for Playboy, the Pirelli calendar, and such.


These images are more artistic and cheeky than anything else. She has the body of a normal, healthy person, which I appreciate, and is much more relatable to than the very skinny models out there.
Oddly enough, I've never really been interested in her beauty routine. I suppose I never really wanted to look like her (it is not possible, sadly) and she looks naturally and effortlessly beautiful so maybe I figured she might not have much of a routine anyway. But, I went ahead and googled for some interviews where she divulges in her beauty and style habits. They're quite interesting (and, as I figured, very minimalistic):

.beauty secrets

.in her make-up bag

.a month of style

.fresh as a daisy

Some of the links above are a little old (Daisy is no longer dating Dr. Who's Matt Smith), but the general information is still good and/or fun to read. Since I can't help myself, here's one last picture of her.

velvet magazine via

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