Wednesday, July 31, 2013

/Hair/ Palty Milk Tea Brown Hair Dye

this product was purchased by me.

On my quest for the perfect shade of brunette, I continue the trials of home hair coloring. I went back to Palty because it worked well last time (oh, those boxes can be fun to look, too). The shade I ended up trying was Milk Tea Brown.

I knew my hair would never be like the box's cover model; my hair isn't that light to begin with and without the addition of bleach in this formula I wasn't expecting much of a change. I mostly wanted to change the color effect of my hair, if that makes sense. I was hoping a by-product of this dye would also slightly lighten my hair. Wishful thinking.

The package included the same products, tools, and applicators as the last Palty hair dye I used (I forgot to include the little brush nozzle this time, but it was part of this kit).



I colored my hair about two weeks ago. Here's what it looked like prior to the dye application:

no flash


This is my hair after the coloring.

no flash

It seems as if there isn't much of a difference; the only thing I can kind of see is that my hair is less red-toned. It also looks more brown. The color is more pronounced and visible even when not in direct light. Here are a few more pictures for reference:

one week after coloring, with flash

two weeks later, no flash

In the picture directly above, you can see how my hair is definitely lighter than the black top I'm wearing. As time passes, my hair appears to have lightened and that pleases me. Although, sometimes I feel like my hair is orange, like when I'm outside in the sun...but indoors my hair just looks brown.

Overall, I had a good experience with this hair dye. I didn't end up with the same color as the girl on the box, but I got closer to the brown I want. I think this worked better on my hair because I previously used the dye with bleach in it so my hair was able to take in the new color easier. Another quality of the Palty hair dyes I really like is that they leave your hair in great condition afterwards. I received several compliments on how shiny my hair looked. This s a nice product for those with darker hair. It was non-irritating and it doesn't smell noxious. The only thing I'd warn potential users is the amount of product included with these dyes: There's just enough to coat my thick, shoulder-length hair. If you have longer hair it's likely you'll need another box.Other than that, this works well.

I'm getting closer to that Kati Nescher color.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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